How to prevent skin damage from radiation treatment

Skin needs extra support during radiation therapy

September 24 2019 0 Continue reading

My secret to looking young at 50+

A former beauty editor and TV reporter finally discovers the secret of great skin
February 14 2019 0 Continue reading

The stunning anti-ageing alternative to retinol

Rebuild skin to look 10 years younger without harsh side effects
January 31 2019 0 Continue reading

Prevent radiation burns from cancer treatment

How to prevent painful skin burns during cancer radiation treatment
March 24 2017 0 Continue reading

Using essential oils while pregnant - why everything you've read is wrong

No evidence at all that should worry pregnant women
June 16 2018 2 Continue reading

9 reasons SLS is safe in hair and skin products

Here are the facts, not ill-informed hysteria
April 20 2018 1 Continue reading

How to clear skin and get rid of cystic acne

Finally, no more acne, no acne scarring.
May 12 2017 0 Continue reading

Vegan Hyaluronic Acid - made using genetically manipulated Bacillus

If you're seeking younger-looking skin forget about Hyaluronic Acid.
April 18 2018 11 Continue reading

The all-natural way to clear skin and no hormonal acne breakouts

Clear skin - using no drugs or harsh products
August 08 2019 0 Continue reading

How to clear post-pill acne

You can clear acne naturally and simply
August 07 2019 0 Continue reading

How biomass, bioplastics cause forest destruction

Biomass = biomassacre: discuss
July 04 2019 0 Continue reading
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