Anti-ageing face mask reduces rosacea and redness

Rosehip & Lavender Complexion Refiner is a naturally extracted vitamin C ‘rub off’ exfolilator/mask and a powerful collagen-stimulating treatment.

Best natural skn care for rosacea

The nutrient-rich mask contains Herbalist and Naturopath David Lyons's fresh extract of Rosehip seed husk which is rich in natural vitamin C and skin firming bioflavonoids. Both of these nutrients are essential for collagen formation.

For sufferers of rosacea this is particularly pertinent.

Because collagen aids in renewing and restoring damaged connective tissue, the more natural collagen you can build in your skin, the more you can reduce the severity of rosacea.

Just as valuable in the Rosehip and Lavender mask is highest quality rosehip oil sourced from the mountains of Chile - valuable because it contains at least 32% GLA (gamma linoleic acid), an essential nutrient that reduces inflammation. Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition.

Simplicité customer Penny commends Rosehip & Lavender Complexion Refiner as one of the products that gave her stunning results for calming rosacea.

Best natural skin care for rosacea
Penny's before and after results for Type 2 papulopustular 'acne' rosacea  

Penny says, "If I have had a rosacea flare up, and they can be quite bad, I will use the Refiner every night for a couple of weeks to try to alleviate the symptoms. Flare ups can be uncontrollable and it can sometimes be hard to work out what has caused them. Once I have done that and I avoid the cause, the symptoms start to alleviate. I do take a course of antibiotics from time to time. I do feel that the repeated use of the Refiner helps to reduce the redness.

Note: Penny rarely has flare ups anymore as the rosacea has been under control for quite some time.

How to use the Rosehip mask to calm rosacea symptoms

Penny uses the Rosehip & Lavender Complexion Refiner in this way:
Approximately once or twice weekly at night I apply the Refiner and I leave it on for 30 minutes.

First, I cleanse my face with the Plant Gel Cleanser or Sundew Cleansing Milk,  followed by One Step Exfoliating Cleanser. Once I've rinsed that off I then apply the Refiner thickly all over my face. 30 minutes I gently rub it off with my hands and then gently cleanse with the Plant Gel Cleanser or Sundew Cleansing Milk to remove residue. I then do my Simplicité evening routine.

See Penny's full rosacea-reducing skin routine.

Also relevant for rosacea healing in David’s synergistic ingredient grouping:

Lavender improves circulation, calms.

Clivers (fresh whole herb extract) is a remedy for skin eruptions (eg rosacea pustules). It contains courmarins known to improve circulation through the small blood vessels (very helpful for rosacea).

Rose Geranium reduces redness and inflammation, helps reduce broken capillaries.

Cedarwood improves circulation and overall health of skin.

Heartsease (3 coloured violet) fresh whole herb extract) tones and reduces visible surface blood vessels.

Best natural skin care for rosacea

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