No radiation burn after 30 cancer treatment sessions

Just a note to let you know how much I love your skin care products!
I have just finished 30 radiation treatments for breast cancer and the skin lotion (Nutritive Body Lotion) as recommended by David, was an absolute lifesaver!
My skin looks 100% better than other patients, and medical staff were very impressed! 
Thank you for your wonderful products and advice!!"
Debbie, Brisbane Qld

How to prevent radiation burns from cancer treatment
How to prevent skin damage from radiation treatment 
Prevent radiation burns during cancer treatment

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How I prevented radiation burns from cancer treatment

I was so blessed to discover the Nutritive Body Lotion at the time of undergoing 25 radiation treatments for a skin cancer on my forehead in 2019.

I was able to use the lotion every day before and after radiation treatments and although my skin became very red, it did not crack or peel. My forehead skin has healed very well and I continue to use this body lotion as well as other Simplicité products on my face.

Thank you David and Robin for creating products which help to heal damaged skin.

I have no hesitation in recommending this lotion to anyone facing radiation, as it really will assist with healing.

Christine Burrell
Brisbane, Queensland

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How to prevent radiation burns from cancer treatment
How to prevent skin damage from radiation treatment 
Prevent radiation burns during cancer treatment

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Getting off the retinoid rollercoaster

I have tried my fair share of retinoids over the years – off and on.

Usually, I’d seek out a dermatologist and he or she would prescribe a cream containing tretinoin.

And for a while I’d have hopes of reversing the damage caused by the sun and my ever-busy sebaceous glands.

Oily skin is a blessing and a curse. I have virtually no laugh lines after 50 years of good humour, but the flipside is enlarged pores, a dull surface and acne scarring.

Retinoids speed up cell renewal. And, yes, I did notice my skin soften and brighten initially using the prescribed stuff.

But as the weeks and months wore on, my skin would become redder and drier. Eventually, I’d fall out of love with the prescribed cream and switch to something over-the-counter instead.

Then years later, I’d become frustrated by the pharmacy products and seek a referral to another dermatologist.

The older I got, the more uneasy I felt about the retinoid rollercoaster I was on.

For starters, there was the long list of warnings inside the box the cream came in.

And I had to declare my retinoid use whenever I had my brows done, in case the wax removed a few layers of skin (what an off-putting thought!).

Plus, I began to wonder just how long this cell renewal business could go on. Was it endless, or was I wrecking my skin? Would I pay for my vanity in later life?

Then a year ago, at age 49, I stumbled upon the Simplicité range quite by accident.

Robin had read something I’d written online and tracked me down to ask whether I could write a blog post for her. Naturally, I had to try the range first.

The first product to win me over was the Plant Gel Cleanser. I was amazed to find it worked more efficiently to clean my skin of oil and make-up than any cleanser I’d known. Yet it was so gentle that my skin didn’t feel it had been stripped of its protective layer.

Exfoliation is key to generating cell turnover. So, I added the One Step Exfoliating Cleanser (which I use as the second part of my evening double cleanse) and once or twice a week I’ll use the Rosehip and Lavender Complexion Refiner – a mask that sets before being rubbed off.

Freshly exfoliated skin will soak up the goodness of what is applied next. A tiny amount of Sage Face Oil mixed with a squirt of Hydrating Floral Toning Lotion and applied straight after a shower makes my face feel supple and youthful. I lock in that moisture with Oil Controlled Day Creme and top with sunscreen.

And I’m ready for my day, smelling earthy and naturally fragrant like I’ve been plucked from the garden.

Most of all, I feel like I’ve been kind to myself.

The carefully sourced (medicinal grade), organic ingredients in Simplicité's range have a wholesome integrity you can feel and smell straight away. 

I still have to avoid the sun, but only because I live in Queensland and it’s the skin cancer capital of the world. Not because I’m trying to cheat the inevitability of ageing with punishing formulas.

My skin has a glow I haven’t seen for 30 years.

Brisbane QLD 

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My itchy scalp has never known better days!

"I was driven mad for four years!" says 92-year-old charming dynamo Sister Angela Mary Doyle. The Brisbane nun who has spent her life and former distinguished career serving others needed help herself.

"I don't want to go around scratching my head, I might lose friends!" she'd told a friend. The joking tone belied a serious problem."The itch is bad and it's embarrassing."

The name Sister Angela Mary Doyle and Brisbane's Mater Hospital have gone hand in hand for more than 50 years.

But privately for years Sister Angela Mary was 'driven mad' with an itchy scalp.
After two years of it a pharmacy chain owner gave her products that were supposed to work, "They made no difference." says Sister Angela.
"But two more years later my friend kindly arranged to send me the Simplicité Skin Care Shampoo and Conditioner.

“As soon as I stopped the previous treatment for itchy scalp and commenced Simplicité, the itch left. My scalp has never known better days!”

"As an insurance against any future itchy scalp, they advised me at Simplicité  I ever feel the slightest itch again, to simply massage a little Conditioner into my scalp in between washes."

"My scalp has never known better days! Thank you Simplicité Skin Care."
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Best results for reversing hair breakage and hair loss

My waist-length hair broke off around the top of my head after my hairdresser over-processed it with bleach. I was devastated. There were bare patches almost to my scalp.

However I was able to reverse this damage very quickly. This is because after reading testimonials, I'd recently purchased the Simplicité Shampoo and Conditioner.

True to what I'd read about the products' strengthening and nurturing results, after about four washes with them I could see that my awful hair breakage and hair loss was reversing - in just ten days. The Conditioner helped with the breaking and I can feel the difference in strength and vitality after each use of the Shampoo.

Hair loss at the front slowed right down. Once I learned to leave the Conditioner in for a lot longer, say 10-15 minutes, I noticed more positive changes. There is virtually no breakage at the front now and much less at the back.

Thanks so much Simplicité for your hair products. They stopped the hair breakage and hair loss plus made such a difference to my self esteem.
Elyse S

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