The best travel tips for happy healthy skin

Skin can suffer when you're travelling if you don't keep up your normal at-home routine.

Who hasn't experienced having to do without a favourite skin product because you forgot to pack it or couldn't fit in? At best you might just feel deprived; at worst, end up suffering because of dry skin or breakouts or maybe an uncomfortable rash that's never made itself known before.

All because you went away without that essential cleanser, moisturiser or soothing body lotion.

So here are our best tips for keeping your skin happy no matter where you are in the world. 

Drive, fly or cruise
Whether you're just going away for a couple of days locally, or heading for distant destinations; whether you're driving, flying or cruising you'll want to use your usual products.

Little sizes rule for travel
Number one requirement is being able to take these skin products you love in handy travel sizes.

Travel sized skin products are essential for keeping luggage light.

They're also essential to take on board international flights (also domestic flights departing from an international terminal) because the in-cabin restrictions on liquids still prevail.

Just in case you forgot this
We give this reminder because it's easy to forget what's not allowed on board after years of not flying due to COVID-19.

The last thing you want is to have any dear-to-your-heart product confiscated before you even board the flight!

So remember, any liquids, aerosols or gels that you take onto an aircraft must be in containers of 100mL or less, and carried together in a transparent, resealable plastic bag.

Only one bag is allowed for each person, with exceptions for carers who can also take the bags of people they're looking after.

Simplicite travel sized products in clear zip bag

Simplicité travel sized products in clear zip bags are ideal to take on any trip.

Simplicité travel tips 

1. Basic Six Travel Packs are ideal to take on your trip.
The lightweight products inside the clear carry bag are the correct in-cabin sizes, and just as importantly, the contents of these little bottle and tubes will keep your skin clear, glowing and hydrated.
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2. Prevent skin drying out with Simplicité Face Oil and Toning Spray
We suggest that of the Travel Pack products, you only need to have the Face Oil and Toning Spray in your seat with you. (Choose which ones according to your skin type.) Mix a little of these two in your hand then apply the refreshing and hydrating mixture to your face, neck and decolletagé regularly throughout your flight. 
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Follow this advice and we guarantee that your skin will feel as good when you arrive as it did when you left. Even on the longest flight legs we suggest that there is no need to cleanse, or apply a moisturiser - simply using the Face Oil with Toning Spray keeps skin feeling fresh and deeply hydrated. 

 3. Keep hands feeling smooth and comfortable
Nourishing Hand & Nail Cream 100g tube fits the in-cabin 100mL liquids/gel rule and the slim tube will slot comfortably into hand baggage. Apply this highly nourishing but non-greasy formula regularly and as well as the subtle aromas of Lime, Sweet Orange and Peppermint lifting your spirits, you'll never have dry chapped skin on your hands or around nails. It also improves nails so make sure to massage thoroughly into the nail bed and cuticles. And feet. During your holiday (and when at home) be sure to also apply it to feet last thing at night, rubbing the cream well into heels and nails.
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4. Prevent dry cracked lips
Simplicité Angelica Lip Care Balm has saved many travellers from discomfort. As well as applying to lips, also smear a little at the openings of nostrils when on a long flight as this helps prevent drying out of nasal passages.

5. Soothe dry tired eyes
Here's how soothe and refresh eyes that feel irritated or dry when travelling in an aircraft or driving or cruising. The remedy is Simplicité Firming Rehydration Eye Creme. Apply this cooling, toning mix of fresh plant extracts including Eyebright, Arnica and Cucumber lightly across the entire eye area including over eyelashes (with eyes closed).

This eye cream is especially made for sensitive skin and eyes and as a bonus reduces redness and dark circles. Just what long haul travellers need!

6. Prevent swelling of limbs
Here's what to do so you don't suffer the discomfort of edema (swelling caused by excess fluid) on long flights: massage a couple of pumps of Simplicité Fluid Cellulite Oil over limbs that are usually affected by edema before you go to the airport; apply the oil again once you're in the air. If the flight is a very long one, repeat this after four or five hours. Fluid Cellulite Oil contains a mix of medicinal grade plant extract that act as diuretics and improve circulation.

Now you're all set to travel!

By following our tips your skin on face and body will feel comfortable and happy - not just while you're on your journey but also once you've arrived and all through your trip.



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