Synergy of plants solves cellulite, acne, sun damage and more

Cellulite, acne and sun damage are among the most difficult skin concerns to improve.

Yet consistently since 1992 at Simplicité we are proud to have excellent results for improving and solving cellulite, acne and sun damage.

This is partly because when you read the ingredients list on the back of any of our products you’ll see there are MANY plant extracts listed.

Between eight and 18 in each.

Why is it so?

It’s about synergy.

David Lyons, naturopath, herbalist and Simplicité formulator, believes strongly in synergy and chooses each products' particular mixes of his freshly made plant extracts with that in mind.

What is synergy?

The dictionary says synergy is:

the combined power of working together that is greater than the power achieved by working separately.

A symphony is an harmonious example of synergy.

Synergy in natural skin care is like a symphony A symphony joins many musical parts to produce an elevated composition that gives a much more impressive result than would each of those parts played separately.  

In skin care, Simplicité products are formulated and made with elevating synergy.

Synergy in Simplicité

While each extract in each product formula has its own individual qualities, each grouping of extracts achieves a visible result.

Think firming skin, clearing acne, reducing cellulite - and - reducing sun damage, brightening and refining skin appearance.

Synergy is unique to Simplicite in natural skin care and organic skin care

Synergy in Fluid Cellulite Oil

David formulates Fluid Cellulite Body Oil with synergy.

He uses a group of plant extracts that are geared toward reducing excess fluid. These all also improve circulation, elasticity and skin's general appearance.

Fluid Cellulite Body Oil improves appearance of cellulite by

  • encouraging the removal of excess fluid.

Its other results include:

  • removing fluid build up in the affected arm of women who have had a mastectomy.
  • helpful to use as treatment for Lymphoedema - swelling that develops when lymph fluid builds up in the body's soft tissues and does not go away. It may develop in the arm or breast/chest region after treatment for breast cancer when the lymph nodes (lymph 'glands') in the armpit are removed with surgery or treated with radiotherapy.
  • reducing fluid build up during pregnancy (eg puffy ankles).
  • preventing swelling in feet and legs, including during long haul flights (remember those?!)

Of the 10 medicinal grade plant extracts in this product:

Almond and Jojoba soften and tone skin.
Wheatgerm acts to firm lymph vessels and blood vessel walls.
Apricot Kernel has high antioxidant activity which supports elasticity.

The other six extracts also all in some way encourage removal of excess fluid.

Myrtle Flower
- contracts the tissues, so forces excess fluid to move away. It balances and regulates tissue fluid levels and improves circulation.
Celery Seed - acts as a diuretic. (It’s also a powerful antioxidant.)
Cypress - acts as a diuretic, stops fluid migration out of surface vessels and constricts them.
Marjoram - improves circulation. (It is also antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial and is a general stimulant and tonic for skin.)
Juniper - acts as a diuretic, improves and enlivens circulation, encourages fluid loss.
Grapefruit - improves physiological function of the lymphatic or fluid balancing system.

Synergy in natural skin care is unique to Simplicite

Synergy in Acne Antibacterial Serum

Compared to usual products for breakouts and acne that use a single active ingredient, eg benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid or perhaps a single plant extract such as fingerlime, Acne Antibacterial Serum harnesses the synergy of eight active ingredients.

Top of the list is:

Thyme (sourced from Australia).

Published research shows Thyme extract is more effective against acne bacteria than benzoyl peroxide.

Thyme calms redness, is locally anti-bacterial, is astringent (calms oily skin).

But David doesn’t just use Thyme.

The seven other actives in Acne Antibacterial Serum all also work to improve breakouts and acne.

Alfalfa – reduces redness, assists with hormonally induced acne.
Echinacea – reduces the spread of bacteria and swelling and redness. 
Rosemary – corrects acne problems, improves skin circulation and lessens the pain of certain skin problems.
Equisetum – our whole herb fresh extract is rich in mineral nutrients that reduce acne.
Melaleuca Tea-Tree - calms inflammation.
Cypress - antimicrobial and antiseptic, contains natural, highly effective, antibiotics. Helps relieve pain and discomfort of cystic acne problems.
Niaouli – helpful with scarring problems, relieves inflammation, calms redness, locally anti-bacterial, astringent (calms oily skin).

Each Simplicité product is made the SYNERGY way which is why they all give visible results for all ages and all skin types.

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