How to banish dry skin during chemotherapy treatment

Simplicité's day-to-day highly nutritive products address ageing, sensitivity and more, but also solve very difficult skin problems such as the drying, itching and cracking that are distressing side effects from lifesaving chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.

How Rose revived her chemo ravaged skin 

Rose Chaffey: "I’ve had cancer three times now in six years - amazingly, I'm still alive plus I think my skin is even better now than before all the chemo and other treatments.

First time – Stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma 2014
Second time – Stage 3 Follicular lymphoma 2016
Third time – Stage 4 Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma 2018

Over those six years I’ve had:

  • numerous courses of chemotherapy
  • radiation every day for a month
  • a stem cell transplant
  • a bone marrow transplant
  • many blood and platelet transfusions
  • many, many medications, scans and other procedures.

But I’m all good now, thanks to my wonderful doctors and modern medicine.
It's only now in early 2021 that I finally feel fully healthy again.

I am so grateful for being alive but I am also so very grateful for having the most beautiful skin and hair.

Recovery for dry skin after chemotherapy

You may be amazed to read that after all I went through - all those years of chemo plus the other treatments and recovering from it all - I was so happy to have the best possible help with my skin.

Because particularly the chemo, but also the other treatments and medications, took their toll. They all seemed to shrivel me up with dryness inside and out - it was awful!I

I had no hair, my skin peeled off, I felt so sore and also was extremely itchy all over. 

Robin and David's Simplicité products saved my skin and hair. I will always be amazed and grateful.

How to recover from dry skin during chemoRose Chaffey in 2014 (wearing a wig) during her first round of chemotherapy.

Every day my husband would gently massage my face, neck and the rest of my body with the various Simplicité products (I used then, and still use, a wide selection - all are so beautiful and nourishing.)

My husband, a truck driver, said the cracked, dried and hard skin on his hands improved dramatically from putting the products onto my body. They are now lovely soft and smooth.

The Simplicité products fed and nourished my skin and hair throughout the ravages of those years. 

My skin looks so nourished now - youthful and healthy - so does my hair. 

So many people have commented about my skin and hair. I lost it a few times because of the chemo but now it has grown back.

Friends who I haven’t seen in years, doctors and nurses, even a social worker have told me how lovely my skin looks. When I was in hospital the nurses and cleaners always said that my room smelt beautiful – it was Robin and David's products.

Before applying each product I would rub it between my hands, close my eyes and take a deep breath in to enjoy the nourishment, the energy, the goodness.

The face and body oils are superb; again the smell is vibrant and so healing for my skin. The body washes – wow, these feel so uplifting when you use them in the shower."

Rose in 2018 while recovering from treatment for her third type of cancer in six years.

I just love Simplicité products and can highly recommend them to everyone.

Also, Robin has helped me so much by explaining and recommending which products to use. Simplicité are the best products on our planet. I am sure that they are made with love."

Yours sincerely
Rosemary Chaffey, aged 63

PS  Also, my husband says I have lovely skin and no wrinkles.

Best way to manage dry skin during chemotherapy


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