How I finally solved my ten-year acne problem

Sage Michael

At 23 I had mild (but bothersome) hormonal acne plus acne scarring on dry, sensitive skin.

The acne was a lot worse in my teenage years but depressingly I still had it in my 20s.

Before I started using Simplicité in 2020 the acne had also started up on my cheeks where I’d never got it before. I'm not oily at all and I would regularly change my pillowcases. So I don’t know how it came about and I just kept looking worse with more scarring and eruptions appearing.

My skin history includes a 6-8 month period of taking Roaccutane when I was about 16. It basically made me worse off - acne barely changed and it caused rashes, redness, severe dryness and sun sensitivity.

I've also had terrible (almost allergic) reactions to benzoyl peroxide acne topicals, which gave me minor rashes to burns (temporary scars). This also applies to Proactiv products. I've tried it all!

Since then I've been extremely hesitant about trying treatments for acne and breakouts.

I only found Simplicité because I used their Toning Invigorating Body Oil with great success for deep red/purple stretch marks. For ages Bio Oil was just not cutting it - I was heartbroken for a long time and thought I’d have them for ever.

Because of that success I decided to also buy the Simplicité exfoliator/mask, Rosehip and Lavender Complexion Refiner. Using this regularly since has helped so much to even my skin tone and clear the acne.

Then I also started using the Clear Acne Pack products (including the Basic Six, Acne Antibacterial Serum and Blemish Extractor) plus the internal remedy Herbal Skin Cleanser capsules. I took those for six months.

Best natural skin care for breakouts and acne
Some of the Simplicité Clear Acne Pack products

Keeping at this routine made a huge difference.

I now feel so confident in my skin. I haven’t felt that way since before I turned 14 (more than a decade ago!)

Oh gosh, I could cry as I write this! It's been a really rough road. I used to feel so sad when I looked back at photos of me at 14. My skin was so clear then and I truly thought for so long it was impossible for me to have that again.

I didn’t want to spend all my youthful years hiding away from the good things in life because I was feeling bad about my skin.

Simplicité has helped me so much :) Their 'true natural' products are unique I believe, because of their effectiveness but also gentleness, and benefits for sensitive skin. I know I'llm keep expanding on my range of products as I go along.

Best natural skin care for breakouts and acne

My advice for dealing with acne and persistent breakouts is to be consistent with using your product routine and also to be patient about getting results.

What I learned over the past year is that there is no 'fast fix' of a few days or a few weeks for a long term acne and breakouts problem.

Of course you want acne to just go away fast, but skin takes time to heal.

Understanding that reduced the feelings of stress and depression about my acne skin that I experienced for so long.

I recommend as well as using the Basic Six products to include other Simplicité products such as Acne Antibacterial Serum, Rosehip and Lavender Complexion Refiner, Rosemary Blemish Gel, Exfoliating Face Treatment. I found these to be star products that work very effectively combined with the others!

I'm so impressed with the improvement of my skin that I see in the progression of photos I took at intervals from a year ago to now.

PS The Simplicité masks would be my most used and top face products.

Speaking of favourite products, I'll always love my old faithful Toning Invigorating Body Oil, which I'm starting to use again now!

Sage’s Reviews
Plant Gel Cleanser Comb Oily skin
I have sensitive, dry and acne-prone skin. After using this product, first thing I noticed is that it smells absolutely divine! Such a pleasant and fresh scent.
It's so gentle on the skin, especially when it starts gently lathering - it's rather an enjoyable process!
After washing it off with water, this cleanser leaves skin feeling so soft, smooth and clean!
It doesn't leave your skin feeling dry and stripped - a gorgeous product, love it!

One Step Exfoliating Cleanser
Firstly, the smell of this product is just DELICIOUS! As funny as this sounds - it's like rubbing all the sweet cinnamon in an apple pie all over your face! Yum!
The little cinnamon particles are very small, but you can feel them doing their job - without the harsh scratching feeling that you may have experienced with other exfoliate scrubs. This is super gentle!
After washing off, you definitely notice the difference - clean, soft and smoother skin.
If you have dry skin and flake a lot, this is perfect for you too. It's definitely also helped with my flakiness. I love it!

Blemish Extractor Tool
This tool is a MUST have if you suffer from blackheads and/or acne. This is far superior to using your fingers and results in no scarring or bruising.
Pro Tip: You must sterilise and heat up the end of the tool in boiling water for about 30 seconds. Then take out and let it cool a little before applying it to your skin. This helps a lot!
This is a safe way of getting rid of those unsightly pustules, and removing the bacteria. Such a handy tool!

Exfoliating Face Treatment
I have sensitive and acne prone skin. Robin suggested that I give this product, and I'm so glad she did!
I love using it as a mask. I apply this to acne areas and gently massage it into my skin, leave on for a few hours then wash off in the shower. This helps reduce my redness of my breakouts and flattens any bumpiness. An absolute favourite Simplicité product of mine - I love it!

Luxurious Mandarin Body Butter
This body butter is AMAZING!
My Mum and I have both been using this just for a short time, and the results are fantastic. It is perfect for dry skin, dry patches and even really effective for treating dry, cracked heels!
The gorgeously smooth, creamy consistency feels so luxurious on the skin and the lingering scent of fresh mandarin is absolutely divine - so pleasant to have on. A little goes a long way too. We love it!

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