Three generations of natural skin care results

Valentina, her mother Ellen and grandmother Elaine are all beautiful examples of results from using Simplicité natural skin care.

Valentina: Simplicité natural skin care products have helped three generations of our family so far to support the next in protecting our precious skin for life."

 For me at age 45, I have never felt more comfortable in my skin, having used Simplicité products for over 10 years now.

Best natural skin care online Australia

I had a moderate amount of persistent teenage and young adult breakout problems. Worse were the dermatitis-related irritations that these caused - they plagued me for many years. 

Fortunately, I had a graceful and thoughtful grandmother, Elaine, who sought out a locally made and natural skin care product. She was the first one to buy Simplicité products for my Mum, sister and me.

Best natural skin care online Australia

I remember Elaine cutting an article out of a newspaper and excitedly telling us Robin's story and how she came to develop Simplicité with David, after he helped her personal skin issues when she was a TV presenter and journalist.

I grew up by Elaine's side, learning from her kindness, gentleness, elegance and style. She always looked after her skin and was also noted for wearing beautiful hats.

Best natural skin care online Australia
Valentina's grandmother Elaine (2nd left) was known for her love of hats.

As Elaine approached the end of her life at 95 years of age she particularly liked the Simplicité Nourishing Hand and Nail Creme and would use it on her arms and legs too! 

She was a beautiful lady inside and out.

I personally love using Simplicité for its lightness, scent and nourishing feel. I have rid my face of red sun spots through using the serums and I am forever amazed with the way the daily exfoliator and masks rejuvenate my skin.

I have two teenagers. Simplicité products have nurtured my daughter through quite aggressive acne stages. Now my son is being coached by his older sister as to how to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise; because according to her “good facial hygiene is important for boys too!”

Thank you Simplicité for your magnificent products that give pleasure and lasting results to all of our family with every application, protecting and nourishing our precious skin for life."
Brisbane, Australia

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