Best natural skin care for acne and breakouts

It's a myth that serious skin problems such as hormonal acne and adult acne can be fixed quickly, say in a few weeks.

It's certainly possible to dry out acne and breakouts in a few days by using  harsh acid products. But the trouble with 'instant’ results is that these are just a band-aid solution. They usually don’t last very long. Inevitably acne and breakouts will return days later, usually much worse than before.

For lasting results use natural skin care made from synergistic combinations of freshly hand-made active plant extracts. Skin will be transformed and healed. Results can be seen in days and each week skin is be vastly improved.

And the results last.

Take Brooke's story. This is Brooke after she cleared severe (cystic) acne using Simplicité products.

It took about four months to clear the acne and then another few months to clear residual scarring. After that, her her skin kept improving in glow and smoothness.

Brooke: "The results are amazing. I had given up on finding anything that would fix my acne. I'm so happy with my skin."

best natural skin care for adult acne, cystic acne

Brooke's acne and breakouts story

"At age 23 I suddenly had late onset cystic acne".

How to clear cystic acne

After getting through my teenage years with only the odd breakout, cystic acne now invaded the skin on my face and neck.

How to clear adult acne
As my skin got worse I began to lose confidence. All I wanted was clear skin - as quickly as possible! I used lots of products to try and do this, including well known brands that used harsh acids. All these did was irritate and burn my skin. Nothing seemed to work. Every product I tried seemed to make my skin worse.How to clear adult acne

I consulted my doctor and discussed other options of treatment. These included taking drugs such as antibiotics and Roaccutane and expensive cosmetic procedures, all of which have risks and side effects as well as not guaranteeing lasting results. I was not sure of what to do next to help my skin.

Help at last for stubborn acne

Fortunately a friend I worked with had previously worked with David and Robin at Simplicité and knew the high quality of their products and their history of results. She convinced me to give these products a try.

I met David and Robin personally and found the help and professional service they offered to be very welcoming. They gave me a suggested regime of health tips and product recommendations to deal with cystic acne.

The Simplicité routine for clearing acne

I started with the internal remedy Herbal Skin Cleanser capsules and the How to Clear Acne Basic Pack.

I also used two Simplicité Intensive products; Acne Anti-Bacterial Serum and Waratah and Beetroot Plant Nutrient Mask. Later I also added Exfoliating Face Treatment as a skin clearing mask.

From first use I fell in love with the products as they felt so soothing and smelt wonderful.

Within one month my acne was much less inflamed and aggressive.

How to clear acne

Brooke - one month later

In the drier and colder winter weather I added the other Basic Six product Sage Face Oil to my routine, applying it under the day creme. This gave my skin the extra hydration it needed and it never felt congested or blocked up.

Four months into the treatment I felt and looked like a new person!
I didn’t have to use the Acne Anti-Bacterial Serum anymore because I was no longer suffering from new breakouts—the acne had cleared!

Breakouts gone, now help for acne scarring

How to clear adult acne

Brooke - four months later

There was residual acne scarring however and I was concerned this would be a long term problem.

Simplicité was the answer yet again, with the introduction of the Anti-Oxidant Plant Serum (reduces acne scarring) to my routine. This is one of my favourite products - it feels and smells fantastic. After three months of using this product twice daily, I got rid of my acne scars for good!

I also started using Rosehip & Lavender Complexion Refiner (rub off mask) twice a week. This noticeably helped with reducing acne scarring redness and giving my skin a clear, fresh look.

How to clear adult acne

Brooke - no cystic acne, no scarring

It took around four months for my skin to recover from the severe acne  I suffered from, then another three months to get rid of residual acne scarring.

 I say with all confidence that I believe that Simplicité can do the same for anyone with adult acne, especially the severe cystic acne I had to deal with.

Amazingly, my skin continued to improve even more as I kept using these products that had cleared up the acne and scarring.How to clear acne

Brooke - 18 months later.

This last picture is taken about 18 months after I first started using the Simplicité products for acne and breakouts.

I religiously continue to use the Simplicité Basic Six products as well as Anti-Oxidant Plant Serum. I also enjoy using the beautiful range of body products.

I can honestly say that not only is my face clear and pimple free, but also that my skin is better than ever before. And I feel ecstatic!

I give a huge thank you to David and Robin for their dedication and commitment, not only for creating Simplicité products but also for their ongoing support and care.

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