About Simplicité Natural Skin Care

Simplicité is an ethical skin care brand renowned for results. Its simple, luxurious and highly nutritive products give magnificent skin at any age.


Simplicite natural skin care

What makes Simplicité different?

  • We make our products using highly concentrated, plant-derived ingredients—all of these are exclusively medicinal grade, OGA certified organically grown, or handpicked in the wild.
  • Just as we are passionate about the ingredients we use, we’re equally passionate about what we don’t use. You won’t find lists of 'fillers' that do nothing to improve skin in our products and certainly no harmful chemicals or added fragrance (synthetic or 'natural'). Also, we are an accredited cruelty free and vegan brand with both PETA Beauty without Bunnies and Choose Cruelty Free.
  • Our skin care range is formulated by David Lyons - a clinical Naturopath with over 33 years’ experience - utilising traditional and meticulous methods.
  • Simplicité products give visible and often instant results, and it’s for that reason we constantly receive feedback about our products creating that ‘Simplicité glow’ – read our range of product reviews and testimonials to see what our customers have to say about their results.


Our founders' story

David and Robin Lyons, founders of Simplicité Natural Skin Care, believe in making the highest possible quality natural skin care, to gently and effectively improve the skin’s appearance.

David and Robin have sold the Simplicité skin care range in retail outlets, beauty salons and skin clinics in Australia and around the world since 1992. But the Simplicité story began much further back than that.



David Lyons

The naturopath who saves skin

Simplicité nutritive and natural skin care products are based on David Lyons’ clinical naturopathic work since 1983 and his seven years prior to that treating skin cancer and sun damaged skin at Royal Brisbane Hospital.

David began treating skin complaints in the mid-1970s. He quickly gained a clinical reputation as ‘the naturopath who could help’. He used his natural skin care formulations of herbal remedies and medicinal creams to treat conditions such as sun damage, acne and premature ageing.



Robin Lyons

Saving a TV news presenter's skin

In the late 1980s Naturopath David met the then top TV newsreader and journalist Robin when he literally saved her skin. David prescribed Robin an early clinic version of the top selling Simplicité product Damask Rose Day Creme. Overnight, patches of red sensitive skin on Robin’s face that had troubled her for months were gone. David says, “She’d initially stripped and dried out her skin by long term use of harsh skin care products. And then the problem kept getting worse - until she came to see me as a patient. When she used my cream instead of the steroid that had been prescribed the problem disappeared almost immediately”.

David and Robin hit it off and married a few years later. By then they were making their nutrient-rich Simplicité products, just for themselves initially. But as others discovered the results the products gave, word spread. Soon Simplicité was sold in department stores and beauty therapists were giving Simplicité treatments.

Robin and David are now in their late 50s and early 60s respectively; both have the glowing, clear skin that is typical of their customers' results and exemplifies their promise of 'magnificent skin at any age'.



Simplicite bush farm

At Simplicité wild bush Farm

David and Robin live in Brisbane, Australia. So do their sons Will and Harry who also work with Simplicité in operations and product management.

The family spend as much time as possible at their 40-hectare rural property in the Lockyer Valley, which adjoins a little-known world-heritage listed national park containing Gondwana remnant forest.

Five wild crafted (naturally grown) Simplicité plant extracts are sourced from this property.

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