Prevent radiation burns during cancer treatment

 Gae gives thanks she didn't have the added trauma of painful radiation burns during her breast cancer treatment. Gae was fortunate to discover the best radiation moisturiser that would prevent radiation burns during cancer treatment.

Because of this, Gae's skin survived and thrived over five weeks of radiation therapy with minimal pain and redness.

Gae's story:

“I was having radiation for five weeks, the doctors recommended I use an aqueous sorbolene, but instead I've been using Simplicité Nutritive Body Lotion my skin hasn't blistered and the doctors have commended me on how well my skin has been holding up every day for five weeks I had radiation.

When my skin was at its most red as soon as I'd put the lotion on it would take the sting out of it. A lot of people would have experienced blistering I've only finished my treatment a week ago and my skin is already healing it's not getting worse actually getting better and that's purely because of the Body Lotion I've been using twice a day. I feel very happy very pleased that I was recommended the product and very pleased that I've used it and I'll continue to use it.”

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