Prevent radiation burns from cancer treatment

Most patients who undergo multiple radiation therapy treatments for breast cancer (or other types of cancer) have to subsequently seek treatment for painful radiation burns.

Thankfully there is no need to go through this extra trauma when you use an effective and nutritive product during the course of radiation therapy. What's needed is a radiation moisturiser that works.

In this article we explain how it is actually possible to prevent radiation burns from cancer treatment.

A course of radiation therapy for breast cancer usually consists of around 30 sessions. These lifesaving treatments are incredibly harsh on skin. Doctors warn patients they will almost certainly suffer from chafed and uncomfortable patches that look and feel like severe sunburn.

Skin with radiation burns needs gentle and soothing support to survive this ordeal without cracking up - literally.

But because most products prescribed for use during radiation therapy only put a non-nutritive, lubricating film over the top of the skin, these sorts of unpleasant outcomes happen:

"I still had bad burns, they opened up like bed sores and needed debridement (which I did at home--ouch) Healed up pretty well but sort of discoloured".

"I only wish I had known about your products during my awful radiation treatment after the breast cancer. I was so burnt and would have loved some relief."

 "I wish you had posted this four weeks ago. I'm currently having radiotherapy and my skin has now broken - arghhh. The doctor told me to use sorbolene. And that's what the nurses have been giving me after the radiation therapy - yuk!"

Simplicité's founding naturopath David Lyons initially worked at the Royal Brisbane Hospital for seven years treating skin cancer and sun damage.

David recommends using Nutritive Body Lotion to soothe areas of skin under treatment and prevent radiation burns and blistering. The lotion is to be used twice daily and regularly after the radiation treatments. Many patients have happily used this approach but always check with your oncologist first.

The feedback below shows the benefits that large amounts of concentrated, high quality plant extracts give: including freshly squeezed Aloe Vera juice - calms irritated skin, improves damaged skin; Carrot - used in the treatment of rashes including dermatitis and eczema; Clary Sage - calms redness, soothes and moisturises.

How to prevent radiation burns during cancer treatment , best radiation moisturiser

"Just a note to let you know how much I love your skin care products? I have just finished 30 radiation treatments for breast cancer and the skin lotion, as recommended by David, was an absolute lifesaver!
My skin looks 100% better than other patients and medical staff were very impressed! 
Thank you for your wonderful products and advice!"

Debbie, Brisbane Qld

See also Gae Grant's video testimonial.

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