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Margaret - 53

"I saw results in a month - now years later my skin still feels supple and rehydrated with no sensitivity."

Video transcript

Margaret, 53, found her best skin products for sensitive skin 20 years ago. Ever since then she has felt happy in her own skin  with no sensitivity problems at all.

"Before I used Simplicité I used just basic products (e.g. creams off the shelf from supermarkets, sometimes it was just a flannel and soap. I had reactions to these products. My eyes would inflame and my skin would feel tight. It didn't feel supple at all. My face was just very sensitive.

The products I'm currently using at the moment (include) the RL (Reduce Lines) Serum and also the Antioxidant Plant Serum - I absolutely love and I can't do without these. Well the difference is, is that my skin feels supple, rehydrated.

Some days it must glow because I have a lot of people who say you've got lovely skin and it's glowing so I take note of what they say. As I've got older I just feel more confident because I feel very happy in my own skin. I started seeing results probably in a month. And what I found was that my eyes weren't getting irritated when I was using these products. Also, my skin just felt relaxed and it felt supple and I just noticed this straight away.

A product that I really cannot do without, when I'm travelling (and I do travel a lot) - I can't go without my Sage Face Oil. I think the sooner you start using this, the better. Because when you get to my age and you feel happy in your own skin – I think the sooner this happens, the better.

Since I've been using Simplicité it's just made me feel happy in my own skin and I feel really relaxed and I get lots of compliments from my friends."

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