No need for makeup now

12 April 2018


I've been using Simplicité products for about three months. Whilst I was in high school I had a lot of breakouts on my cheeks and very oily t-zone and then once I finished school it cleared up a bit but I was still very worried about the redness and the oiliness of my skin.

The Simplicité products I'm using at the moment are the Plant Gel Cleanser, the One Step Exfoliator, the Toning Lotion, the Sage Oil and the Oil Controlled Day Cream. My previous skin care routine wasn't anything special I was just using a bit of Nivea and Clinique but that really did not help my skin because my skin got very sensitive after using those products.

I had to resort to using Cetaphil to help my skin as it was so sensitive but I didn't see any results. Since using Simplicité products my skin's lost a lot of redness and it's a lot less oily and I feel a lot more comfortable in my skin.

I'm currently wearing just a light tinted moisturizer and a bit of mascara. I feel like I don't need to wear foundation anymore cos I don't need to hide the redness or the oiliness.

I started noticing a difference for the Simplicité only after a few weeks. My skin was a lot less oily and the redness has died down a lot.

My favourite Simplicité product is definitely the toning lotion because it smells really nice and it's a nice refreshing lotion to put on your face morning and night.

If someone has problem skin I recommend them coming to Simplicite as the products are great for sensitive skin and yeah you see results quickly.






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