My instant face lift secret!

 Rebecca, 39

"It actually lifts my face. I've also noticed that over time it's really refined my pores."

Video Transcript

 "Before I started using Simplicite I was using a whole heap of different brands and I felt that they were really harsh and drying on my skin. I noticed straightaway that my skin is a lot plumper now, a lot firmer and my complexion is so much brighter.

I would start to feel that I was starting to look a bit a lot washed out and I felt that really started to perk me up. Since using Simplicité I've noticed that a lot of people actually ask me what I use on my skin.

I'm not looking my age anymore which is really great and I'm also managing to keep the wrinkles at bay, for now anyway, which is a bonus. I'm currently using the Combination Skin Basic Six Products.

I use those every day and I also use the Rosehip & Lavender rub off mask, the Beetroot & Waratah Mask and I really like using that as a primer under my makeup I find that it fills in the fine lines and I love that I'm nourishing my skin while also wearing makeup. I also use some products on my body; a really nice body oil along with the Mandarin Body Butter and Macadamia Body Scrub.

My favourite product is probably the Rosehip & Lavender rub off mask - it's my secret weapon. I always use it before going out to an event or before a special occasion because it gives me an instant facelift. It's truly amazing how it instantly perks up my face and actually lifts my face.

I've also noticed that over time it's really refined my pores as well. Another favourite product is probably the One Step Exfoliating Cleanser. I use that every day and I love the way that it makes my skin feel really clean and smooth after using it but it doesn't leave it feeling tight or dry which is lovely. My advice to anyone who wants to improve their skin is to be prepared to be quite diligent and consistent with your skin care routine.

It's a little bit like exercise – you have to put in the work and do it consistently to see results but once you do you'll really be rewarded you also have to really consider what you're actually putting on your skin into your body it's so important especially avoid products that are full of really harsh chemicals or fillers and any of those nasties so I’d definitely give Simplicité a try."

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