The best way to clear up acne and acne scars

Alicia - 26

"I now have clear skin with no bumps - and no pimples or acne scarring!"

Video Transcript

"I started using Simplicité about two years ago and initially I got the Trial Pack for Combination Oily Skin. I had a lot of pimples, my skin was really bumpy and it was basically just trying to get rid of that and the pimples that I had around my chin area and up the side as well.

To start with I used the Trial Pack, so that was the cleanser, the toner, oil and moisturisers and it was really good to just get a trial of how everything works. Then I ended up talking to Robin and she suggested that I used the Acne Anti-Bacterial Serum for some of my pimples to help clear those off. That definitely did help and I've actually seen a lot of reduction in the pimple scarring that I had along the side of my face which is really nice.

Before I used Simplicité I used water to wash my face so I wasn't probably working as hard as I could on my skin and I think that was just from laziness and then being, ‘Oh my goodness, this is gonna be, so many products I have to use and stuff like that!’ But the process was actually really easy, especially starting with that Trial Pack.

So it was like, these are the steps you have to take and it was it was really simple after that.

So ongoing.. I've noticed my skin is so much clearer I don't feel like I'm reading Braille when I wipe my forehead anymore and yeah it's just a lot fresher and I don't have to wear as much makeup which is so helpful in the morning heading to work because my beauty routine has condensed down from about half an hour to maybe five to ten minutes so I get a lot more extra sleep in the morning!

I probably couldn't live without the Plant Gel Cleanser to be honest even though it's the base product. It just smells amazing and sometimes I'm tempted to just eat it when I'm washing my face but it just is so light and refreshing and it doesn't you know make my skin dry or anything like that and so it's definitely, if you told me I had to live without Simplicité I would argue very strongly on the Plant Gel Cleanser.

So when I get a pimple the first thing I do is obviously:

  • cleanse the area and then
  • I attack it with my pimple extractor
    so just gently trying to push out any of the extra pus or whatever it is that's in the pimple sitting there and then
  • clean that area again and then usually
  • I'll just try and keep an eye on it and make sure it's not bubbling up too much or anything but
  • usually it's just cleanse extract and leave it alone and
  • if any are a real disaster then I'll definitely use the Antibacterial Serum.

Anyone suffering from problem skin I'd say come and have a look at the Simplicité products. I think the fact that they're organic and cruelty-free and vegan - this is amazing.

And it's also good for your skin at the same time - and it's not harming anybody else.

But I think the fresh ingredients and the smells -  you can tell that there are real ingredients in it and it's not just, you know, some fluff commercial with women splashing water on their face - they definitely work!

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