Best radiation moisturiser

18 July 2018

I bought the Nutritive Body Lotion to help my skin during radiation. I simply googled 'radiation moisturiser' and I'm so grateful that I found it. Also the video about how to prevent burns from radiation treatment was very helpful.

Initially I had to take the Body Lotion in for my radiation team to check the ingredients and they said I could use it.

4 weeks later and I have my 20th (last!) radiation treatment tomorrow.

My oncologist says my skin couldn't be any better and could be a lot worse. The technicians are also very complimentary about the way my skin has held up to the treatment.

It is still quite red and itchy at times but it has not broken down. I also used straight aloe vera a couple times a day but nothing else. Thank you!

Note: one herb is great, plenty of herbs with similar properties is better.
While using straight aloe vera can be helpful for preventing radiation burns from cancer treatment, Nutritive Body Lotion, with its mixture of synergistic plant extracts is much more effective. 

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