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Maureen - 67

"I noticed that my skin was plumper and couldn't notice any wrinkles, lines as much as before."

Maureen, a Brisbane real estate agent, found Simplicité in her mid-50s when she was struggling to find natural skin care products for anti-ageing.

Prompted to start looking when her son told her, 'Mum, you've got lines!" Maureen says she tried 20 different skin care brands but noticed no difference.

Finally she found Simplicité and people (including her son!) began complimenting her skin. Ever since, she has used loved this natural and organic skin care that gives best results for anti-ageing. 

Video Transcript

"I noticed when I was using all these different things that it wasn't really making any difference to my skin - it just didn't look any different! So when I started using Simplicité I really did notice the difference.

People started to say to me, "Gee your skin looks good!".

I guess I noticed that my skin was plumper and couldn't notice any wrinkles, lines as much as before.

My son said to me, 'Oh Mum you know, your skin looks really good now.', so I'm happy with that.

I just find my skin seems to have more of a glow to it.

I've been using Simplicité for approximately ten years.

My Simplicité routine is the Basic Six skin care pack, I also use Results Lift GelAntioxidant Plant Serum twice daily. I use the rub off mask and the Calendula and Orange Mask a couple of times a week.

It's hard to say what my favourite is, I don't really have a favourite. I do like the Plant Gel Cleanser and I do like the feeling of my skin after I've done the One Step Exfoliating Cleanser and then the Rosewood Face Oil over the top.

After I've done that it feels really good. I find that having my skin looking really nice does help me in what I do (real estate agent) - meeting people all the time. You look good, so yes I think it certainly does help."

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