Dry, dull skin became vital and glowing

I'm a Frenchwoman living in Melbourne. I stopped buying perfume (a great saving!) after I began using Simplicité skin care products. These products have such delicate and natural fragrances that I don't see why I need anything else. Now I'm often told that I smell very nice - and also, that I'm looking younger and younger. That is very pleasing because I am so happy with my ‘new’ skin that Simplicité gave me two years ago. Also too because I'm turning 60 this year.

I cannot forget the first time I came into contact with Simplicité. In 2011 I was staying with friends at their beach house and David and Robin, also guests, had brought some Simplicité products as presents. I still remember the bottle of shampoo in its clear container that shone like a radiant sunset. But the main appeal to me was the fact that the ingredients were fresh and natural.

My skin was dry and dull

At the time, I was using expensive French and Japanese skin care products as I had done for over a decade but had become very unhappy with these as I could not see or feel any improvement. In fact it was the opposite - my skin was dry and dull - and getting worse. I was feeling very uncomfortable and the more day cream I used, the drier and tighter my skin felt. I was also very conscious of a patch of broken capillaries on my right cheek that inflamed very easily plus little lumps under the skin on my chin that I could not get rid of. These developed into unsightly spots at times, which I found embarrassing.

Suddenly my skin came to life

I bought the Trial Pack for Normal Dry Skin. After a few days of use, the skin on my face, particularly around the mouth, started to peel. I rang David, who reassured me and explained the nutritive products were doing their job, clearing the skin of all the dead cells accumulated over time. (Apparently it was all the stuff I'd been using over years building up on my skin!)
As a matter of fact, after a week or so, the peeling stopped and a new skin came to life: vibrant, healthy, clear and smooth. Both my children told me at the time that I was glowing and asked what I had done in their absence! It was like cleaning dusty wooden furniture and seeing it to return to its original splendour!

No more dry skin

On a daily basis I now use the Simplicité Plant Gel Cleanser, the Hydrating Floral Toning Lotion, the Firming Rehydration Eye Cream (bye-bye tired looking eyes!), Anti-Oxidant Plant Serum (which has significantly reduced the deep “laughing” wrinkles on each side of my mouth) and the Damask Rose Day Creme. No more tight feeling or dry skin!

I exfoliate with the One Step Exfoliating Cleanser, indulge with the Luxurious Mandarin Body Butter and use the Great Outdoors Moisturiser with Sunscreen in summer. For a few months I regularly used the Capillary Repair Serum on the patch of broken capillaries until they greatly reduced in size. I now only use it occasionally as I am happy with the way my skin looks there now.

No more lumps under my skin

I NO LONGER have problems with those lumps and bumps on my chin, it has all cleared out and not come back. The skin there is now nice and soft and smooth. That is the fantastic result I have!

The secret weapon for makeup

Finally, my 'secret weapon' before going out - what I call my 'make up touch' - is to apply a pump of Results Lift Gel on my face and neck. It revives my skin and gives it a great lift. I really enjoy its delicate scent.

Monique Monnier
Melbourne, Vic

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The best antiageing products

I turned forty a few months ago, and right up until my late 30's I had always felt happy with my skin. But in the last few years, I saw my skin age so dramatically - I felt old. I'm so grateful to my sister who introducted me to Simplicité products. It took such a short time of using them to see results for reversing the early ageing.

I feel now that I have my youthful dewiness back and I get great compliments on how clear my skin looks.

I adore everything about the products. Everything smells delicious - the flowers and herbs are so potent and the products are the most amazing quality - they feel sublime to apply - I love that they are chemical free and made of the finest ingredients. 

I use all the products - I love, love the Plant Gel Cleanser, I've simply never come across a more beautiful natural cleanser; I know it's so good for my skin. And the smell - divine. I'm now using the exfoliator - you could eat this stuff. I like an exfoliator to have a textual grain to it so I feel it's doing something, and this delivers. The Toning Lotion is a favourite - the smell is gorgeous.

Then I use RL Serum. I absolutely LOVE this serum and it's my favourite product. I can feel it immediately activating my skin. I then use Rosewood Farc Oil - my skin soaks it up. Then to moisturise, Damask Rose Day Creme for day and Lemon Night Creme for night. There are no words to describe the quality of these products. I use the RL Serum as a makeup primer.. I also use the Rosehip and Lavender Complexion Refiner for a once a week rub. I'm looking forward to getting the Exfoliating Face Treatment to use as a weekly mask.

I don't like wearing makeup anymore - my skin feels too divine just as it is!

Karen Robinson
Perth, WA

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