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Zero makeup - and loving it!

"I'm in my early 30s and have been using the Simplicité Basic Six products for a few months after trying plenty of other skin care brands over the years. I have to say I've been completely blown away by how different my skin is and consistently been since I started using these amazing products.

I've had ongoing issues with rosacea, blocked pores and hyperpigmentation for years, however since I started using Simplicité these issues have either drastically decreased or disappeared completely.

Other well known skin care brands often exacerbated my rosacea and never really delivered on their promises - instead they left my skin feeling dry and irritated.

I'm so excited that Simplicité has blown them all out of the water and my skin finally looks and feels healthy and hydrated, even-toned and youthful.

And the fact that that I've achieved this with natural products is a very lovely bonus!"

Sam Proud
Brisbane Qld

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The sun damage treatment that changed my life

When I looked for a sun damage treatment that would actually improve my skin I found Simplicité. These marvellous products have changed my life.I’m a Queensland who spent a lot of time on the beach during my 20’s so our harsh sun really damaged my skin. I saw a dermatologist for a number of years to have sun damage treatment – he removed many skin cancers.

Over the more than six years I’ve been using Simplicité I’ve been able to successfully treat a lot of my own sun damaged areas with the different serums and creams.

I have regular specialist checkups for my skin of course. But now that I regularly use the Simplicité Antioxidant Plant Serum and the other products my skin is better, stronger and healthier.

I used the Anti-Oxidant Plant Serum on spots on my shoulder that I felt would need to be treated by my dermatologist – now they are hardly visible. My forehead, also, was very sun damaged before I used this.

Because I’ve been using the Nutritive Body Lotion regularly over the last few years the skin cancers on my shoulders and back have slowed right down.

I’m very happy with the way my skin is now, not to mention that it looks younger – you’ve got to love that!!

I recently spent three weeks holidaying in Mexico and had quite a lot of time in the sun on the beach. That may sound irresponsible, however because I used the nutritive Simplicité Great Outdoors Sunscreen and the Nutritive Body Lotion my skin was just as good when I got home as when I left. I’m thrilled that now I can still enjoy the beach just as I did during my twenties.

The Simplicité products I mainly use are:

A big thank you to David and Robin of Simplicité for creating the most useful fresh plant extract creams, lotions, serums and oils. They have changed my skin – and improved my life.

Blair Sullivan
Brisbane Qld

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Simplicité products are so wonderful - and economical too

I love using my Simplicité skin care and have used the products since before 1997, every day, morning and night. The beautiful, natural fragrance of the products has become ‘my smell’, and my skin doesn’t feel right if I haven’t put it on.

In recent years I have become very conscious of products that may be toxic to my family. When I recently visited a kinesiologist, who tested my reaction to all the products I was using on my skin, the Simplicité products passed with flying colours.

In conversation with David and Robin I mentioned my husband had dry skin on his face from shaving. Now that he uses the Plant Gel Cleanser when shaving, his skin is great! I’d like to also mention that he uses my Damask Rose day Creme and loves it too.

There are many wonderful things I like about Simplicité, but one I should mention, since finances are such a big issue for many people, is that the products last me a long time – this makes them very economical. Some of my favourite products are Sage Face Oil, Damask Rose Day Creme, Great Outdoors Sunscreen, One Step Exfoliating Cleanser and the Firming Hydrating Eye Creme.

When I was a teenager I had a lot of acne problems and had quite a bit of acne scarring. Simplicité has allowed me to feel confident, giving my skin a lovely texture, and even though I use make-up almost every day, I certainly do not have to use very much.

I thank David and Robin for creating Simplicité so we can continue to enjoy this wonderful, natural product line.

Karla Adams-Jones
Toowoomba Qld

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Post menopausal dry skin is now just a memory

My doctor promised I’d love life post-menopause. What she forgot to share with me was the dry skin. My hands, red and agitated with inflammation, were a nightmare. That was bad enough, but when I looked in the mirror, I didn’t recognise my complexion. Spoiled all my life with combination/oily sensitive skin, I was now faced with mature, dry sensitive skin. I thank a testimonial from the competition for sparking a curiosity to visit Simplicité. Past the point of using a faithful brand of more than 20 years, and beyond trying numerous European brands while contemplating making my own, David saved all that energy and Simplicité saved my skin!

We’re remembered for many things – one of the remembrances my classmates have of me is my translucent complexion. I’m the one girls came to for skin care advice, and I’m thankful not to have disappointed them at our 40th high school reunion. Grateful to have maintained the ‘go-to’ reputation, the only skin care I recommend is Simplicité.

Anne Schrock
Atlanta Georgia USA

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I noticed a BIG difference in my skin when I didn't use Simplicité

I had run out of my Simplicité products and couldn’t get back to buy more. A friend told me about a range of products available online which she persuaded me to invest in. The company put a lot of effort into their advertising and there were so many plant extracts listed on the labels – but soon I noticed a difference in my skin without the Simplicité. My skin texture became rough and dry patches developed very quickly, especially around my eyes and across my cheeks.

Worse, within a couple of weeks I developed a rash across the back of my neck and up into my scalp which became irritated and flaky.

I went back to find the Simplicité products I needed to improve my skin and within a couple of days, things were so much better! No areas of dry, patchy skin, the rash cleared up – I felt so much better!

Thank you for the quality products that make the Simplicité range so wonderful to use.

Michelle Tully
Brisbane Qld

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