The luxurious, best ever remedy for dry skin on legs, arms and all over your body. We use the very highest quality ingredients to ensure this body butter is unlike any oth

Luxurious Mandarin Body Butter

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The luxurious, best ever remedy for dry skin on legs, arms and anywhere else on your body. We use the very highest quality ingredients to ensure this body butter is unlike any other - it's rich and ultra-nourishing yet non-greasy. You'll find it a delight to use as it rubs easily into skin and leaves it feeling so very comforted.


  • You'll forget you had dry skin!
  • Soothes, protects, plus encourages a healthy, natural skin glow.
  • Non-greasy with a delicious, fresh aroma.

"I’m amazed by the effectiveness of the Mandarin Body Butter. I have had very dry skin on my body all my life. Now, my skin is softer and more hydrated than it’s ever been, and the smell of this product is GORGEOUS. I began using it in winter, and the beautiful smell of mandarin was so uplifting and cheering on gloomy days."
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  • Mandarin - firms and restores loss of tone; has specific action against sun damage.
  • Cocoa Butter – softens and deeply moisturises. Our very high quality extract melts into the skin to protect and soothe.
  • Jojoba – improves suppleness, tone and texture.

  • Apply twice daily - for best results daily body brushing is also recommended.
  • Apply after swimming.
  • Scoop Body Butter out of jar with fingers and massage into skin.
  • To help extra dry skin also use Macadamia Body Scrub regularly.

Purified water, Jojoba (Argentina), Beeswax (Australia), Olive Leaf (Australia), Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter (Venezuela), Shea Butter (Ghana), Sweet Almond (Australia), Sorbitan Stearate (from Shea Butter), Polysorbate 60 (sustainable palm source), Calendula Flower (Australia), Wheatgerm (USA), Carrot (Australia), Mandarin (Australia), Marjoram (Spain), May Chang (Indonesia), Petitgrain (Italy), Niaouli (Madagascar), natural vitamin E,  Corn Xanthan Gum, Natural Preserving System (1% total): Leucidal (Radish root extract) + PhytoCide (Elderberry fruit) + Gluconolactone (found naturally in fruit) + Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate (both food preservatives) 

Green denotes nutritive, active herbal ingredients. These are either certified organic or wild grown. We freshly make all our plant extracts in our laboratory. We don’t use lifeless, dried powdered herbs to make our extracts.

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