Exfoliating Face Treatment
Exfoliating Face Treatment
Exfoliating Face Treatment
Exfoliating Face Treatment

Exfoliating Face Treatment

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An advanced formula gentle exfoliator which uses the enzyme action of freshly ground almond, adzuki and linseed to ‘lift’ dead cells. The exfoliating mix includes chamomile and lavender flowers for their soothing and balancing effects.  As are all Simplicité exfoliators, this product is nutritive and non-scratching.

Note - when using in the shower it's important not to get water in the tube as this will affect plant enzymes.


  • Gives skin a younger-looking smooth appearance.
  • Firms, creates a 'matt' texture.
  • Reduces redness over time.
  • Calms inflammation.
  • Multi-use - see How to Use.


  • Adzuki – rich in plant enzymes and essential fatty acids that contribute to skin health
  • Grapefruit – reduces congestion and oiliness, tones and firms.
  • Sandalwood – helps to reduce redness of various skin conditions.

Method 1: Everyday gentle exfoliator

  • Massage onto face for at least 30 seconds or longer when in shower; leave on for as long as possible before washing off. For best results don’t overly dilute with water. 

Method 2: Plumping, firming face pack

  • First apply a Simplicité serum and face oil.
  • Apply a thick even layer of Exfoliating Face Treatment to face, neck and décolletage.
  • Massage gently for 1-2 mins then leave on for 10 minutes or longer. Wash off. 
  • Temporary skin pinkness may sometimes occur for 10-20 mins.

Method 3: 'Drawing’ treatment for pimples and acne areas

  • Apply thickly to pimples and acne areas, leave in place for 20-30 mins or as long as several hours to encourage healing and to reduce redness and inflammation. 
  • For best results apply over Acne Anti-Bacterial Serum. 
  • TIP: Best way to remove this treatment is in the shower, using a little One Step Exfoliating Cleanser. 
  • Temporary skin pinkness may sometimes occur for 10-20 mins.

Purified Water, Almond Meal (Australia), Kaolin (Australia), Sweet Almond (Australia), freshly extracted organic Aloe Vera leaf juice from Qld Australia (not the usual reconstituted powder from China), Herbalist-made fresh herbal extracts of Linseed/Flax, Adzuki beans, Lavender Flowers (France), Chamomile Flowers (Egypt), Lavender (France), Sage (Spain), Rosemary (Tunisia), Sandalwood (Western Australia), Calendula (Australia), Grapefruit (USA), Rose Geranium (Kenya), natural vitamin E, Natural Preserving System (1% total): Leucidal (Radish Root ferment) +  PhytoCide (Elderberry fruit) + Gluconolactone (found naturally in fruit) +Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate (both food preservatives) 

Bold denotes nutritive, active herbal ingredients. These are either certified organic or wild grown. We freshly make all our plant extracts in our laboratory. We don’t use lifeless, dried powdered herbs to make our extracts.

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