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28 August 2016

I turned forty a few months ago, and right up until my late 30's I had always felt happy with my skin. But in the last few years, I saw my skin age so dramatically - I felt old. I'm so grateful to my sister who introducted me to Simplicité products. It took such a short time of using them to see results for reversing the early ageing.

I feel now that I have my youthful dewiness back and I get great compliments on how clear my skin looks.

I adore everything about the products. Everything smells delicious - the flowers and herbs are so potent and the products are the most amazing quality - they feel sublime to apply - I love that they are chemical free and made of the finest ingredients. 

I use all the products - I love, love the Plant Gel Cleanser, I've simply never come across a more beautiful natural cleanser; I know it's so good for my skin. And the smell - divine. I'm now using the exfoliator - you could eat this stuff. I like an exfoliator to have a textual grain to it so I feel it's doing something, and this delivers. The Toning Lotion is a favourite - the smell is gorgeous.

Then I use RL Serum. I absolutely LOVE this serum and it's my favourite product. I can feel it immediately activating my skin. I then use Rosewood Farc Oil - my skin soaks it up. Then to moisturise, Damask Rose Day Creme for day and Lemon Night Creme for night. There are no words to describe the quality of these products. I use the RL Serum as a makeup primer.. I also use the Rosehip and Lavender Complexion Refiner for a once a week rub. I'm looking forward to getting the Exfoliating Face Treatment to use as a weekly mask.

I don't like wearing makeup anymore - my skin feels too divine just as it is!

Karen Robinson
Perth, WA

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