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I had acne - but my skin is awesome now

My skin was pretty bad when I first met Robin & David – I was in Grade 10 at school and was well on the way to full blown acne. I hated it. After my first visit to their clinic, I came out armed with four products – the Plant Gel Cleanser for comb/oily skin, the One Step Exfoliator, the Sage Face Oil and the Rosemary Blemish Gel. These were simple to use – I just had to do it all twice daily. I was very diligent, especially with cleansing. I even did it as they told me to after sport at school because apparently sweating congests the pores. I really wanted my skin to look better.

It took about 3 months to really see results but then the improvement was very quick. Now my skin is awesome. I still use all the products twice a day.

Richie Thompson
Brisbane Qld

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