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Roaccutane could not fix my'terrible' acne

How to clear hormonal acne that Roaccuatane could not clear.

I had terrible acne for 17 years but now my skin is so clear that I don’t even wear makeup! As a bonus, even my acne scars and sun spots faded away.

What caused this miracle? When I found the acne clearing, beautiful range of Simplicité skin care products.

I had awful acne from the age of 15. I used Roaccutane (twice!) and as well, tried everything that beauticians and doctors could offer.

Nothing worked. Well some things seemed to in the short term, but the results never lasted.

I had so many strong peels and every other sort of beauty treatment on offer. The acne stayed and my skin just became flaky, dry or dull.

But then I found Simplicité products after I moved from Argentina to Australia. I’m a vegan so when I heard that these organic and natural products actually gave results I was very interested.

Of course I was skeptical at the start because I had tried so many products in my life and also the Simplicité is very gentle.

But I know that they are very different to just ‘natural’ and also that they’re powerful as well as being so gentle!

Paola Moro
Brisbane Qld

Paola used the breakout

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