Best results for reversing hair breakage and hair loss

My waist-length hair broke off around the top of my head after my hairdresser over-processed it with bleach. I was devastated. There were bare patches almost to my scalp.

However I was able to reverse this damage very quickly. This is because after reading testimonials, I'd recently purchased the Simplicité Shampoo and Conditioner.

True to what I'd read about the products' strengthening and nurturing results, after about four washes with them I could see that my awful hair breakage and hair loss was reversing - in just ten days. The Conditioner helped with the breaking and I can feel the difference in strength and vitality after each use of the Shampoo.

Hair loss at the front slowed right down. Once I learned to leave the Conditioner in for a lot longer, say 10-15 minutes, I noticed more positive changes. There is virtually no breakage at the front now and much less at the back.

Thanks so much Simplicité for your hair products. They stopped the hair breakage and hair loss plus made such a difference to my self esteem.
Elyse S

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