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My reactive rosacea skin looks years younger

My reactive rosacea skin looks years younger

 The Exfoliating Face Treatment has multiple uses - I followed the advice from Simplicité and used it as a mask over a serum and got amazing results. It is very gentle and will not irritate even my highly reactive rosacea skin. It cools and refreshes and when washed off leaves your skin looking years younger! I hesitate to give a good review as I don’t want the stock to run out! I can’t be without it.
Brisbane Qld

No more rosacea broken capillaries

No more rosacea broken capillaries

Instead of getting laser treatment on my nose for rosacea broken capillaries I got results in just four weeks by using Simplicité products. I simply added a couple of products which specifically address this problem to the ones that I was already using.

On their recommendation I added the Simplicité Rosehip and Lavender Complexion Refiner to my routine, using it on my nose daily (all over my face a couple of times weekly) and also applying the Simplicité Capillary Repair Serum twice daily.

I haven’t seen the dermatologist again – I don’t need to as the Simplicité products helped me.

I know that it’s my skin care regime that is keeping my skin looking so healthy and also preventing the rosacea broken capillaries from coming back. The Rosehip and Lavender rub off mask makes my skin look incredible – so vibrant and glowing (with health, not redness!) The Lemon Night Creme is divine; I wake up with clear, hydrated skin.

Robina Christie
Gold Coast QLD

Gentle and natural rosacea treatment

Gentle and natural rosacea treatment

I suffered from rosacea for many years – my skin, particularly around the chin area, was a continual red rash with tiny pimples that would appear constantly. I sought answers from many places and eventually consulted a leading dermatologist. I used all the skin care he recommended for a long time but didn’t see any improvement. The rosacea became worse, if anything, as all the products he recommended were too harsh for my skin.

I have tried all sorts of skin care, including organic brands – nothing helped. No-one was able to solve my problem until one day I saw a story about Simplicité products in a magazine. I ordered a Basic Six Trial Pack and from the minute I started using the products the rosacea started to improve and in a very short time cleared up completely. It has not returned. Nothing I have used before has had this effect.

Now that I have a rosacea natural treatment I don’t have to worry about being embarrassed by the pimples anymore. There is no sign of a rash either. I recommend these products to anyone who suffers from sensitive, reddened skin and also to anyone who would prefer to use an organic, chemical-free skin care range. I use practically the whole range of products and my husband and teenage daughter also use the Simplicité products. We all love the way they feel on our skin.

The photo was taken recently at the wedding of one of our sons - your products speak for themselves.

Diane McCulloch
Junour, VIC

Toning Lotion calms my rosacea

Toning Lotion calms my rosacea

I have never used such an effective and mild toner! The Hydrating Floral Toning Lotion truly enhances the absorption of the Simplicité serums and facial oils but I also found it highly therapeutic by itself in calming my rosacea and reactive skin. I love to use it throughout the day as a freshener and also use it on my body. A wonder product that I would not be without.

Brisbane QLD

Zero makeup - and loving it!

Zero makeup - and loving it!

"I'm in my early 30s and have been using the Simplicité Basic Six products for a few months after trying plenty of other skin care brands over the years. I have to say I've been completely blown away by how different my skin is and consistently been since I started using these amazing products.

I've had ongoing issues with rosacea, blocked pores and hyperpigmentation for years, however since I started using Simplicité these issues have either drastically decreased or disappeared completely.

Other well known skin care brands often exacerbated my rosacea and never really delivered on their promises - instead they left my skin feeling dry and irritated.

I'm so excited that Simplicité has blown them all out of the water and my skin finally looks and feels healthy and hydrated, even-toned and youthful.

And the fact that that I've achieved this with natural products is a very lovely bonus!"

Sam Proud
Brisbane Qld

Help at last for breakouts

Help at last for breakouts

"I have always had troubled skin so trust me when I say I've tried everything. I'd been having horrible breakouts, waking up every day to a new problem. So in January I had had enough and decided I needed to completely change my skin care.

Simplicité had been highly recommended so I abandoned all my old products and started using the Trial Pack for Combination/Oily Skin along with the Acne Antibacterial Serum (sold separately).

In the first month this serum was a life saver as it helped my skin calm down and got rid of all the redness and inflammation. This serum is a bit of magic - turning any potentially problem breakouts into a non-issue.

I have been using these products for 4 months now and my skin is looking and feeling better than ever. I am constantly being complimented on how clear it is and how radiant it looks (to which I credit the Sage Face Oil).

I am so happy with the results and the quality of the products. Simplicité is much more than just natural or organic skin care – it’s the power of their handcrafted, fresh medicinal grade plant extracts that is restoring and rejuvenating my skin.

Now, to do the same for my acne scarring I'm applying the Antioxidant Plant Serum twice daily. I'm very excited for the results.

Also, for the record, the only thing on my skin in that second picture is the Antioxidant Plant Serum!"

Sage Kelly
Brisbane Qld

Best antiageing results and economical to use

Best antiageing results and economical to use

I am 60 this year and I would have looked it if I hadn't found Simplicité two years ago.
Now, people tell me that they can’t believe how old I am or how clear my skin looks. 

 I was starting to notice sun damage on my face and general signs of ageing, despite having always looked after my skin. But using these wonderful products have truly reversed the ageing process,

I am hooked - these are the best antiageing products ever. 

I also love that Simplicité is all natural skin care, made in Australia and not tested on animals.

I love the feel of the products on my skin and the regime works so well, that I just love to do it every morning and night.

Finally, the products last twice as long as other high end products, making it the most economical high quality beauty product I have ever purchased.

Teresa Bassham

The natural way to keep skin looking good

The natural way to keep skin looking good

Miranda Deakin-Klein is an actress, public speaker and television presenter who worked for several years with Channel Nine as host of programs.

“I first discovered Simplicité in the late 1990’s and I loved this truly natural and organic skin care range so much, I hassled the company for a job!! Since then, I have used the products throughout many stages (and ages) of my life; the cleansers and toners helped clean and soothe my skin after wearing heavy TV make-up; the Nutritive Relaxing Massage Oil has always been wonderful for relaxation and the Pregnancy Massage Oil promoted elasticity during my pregnancies and prevented stretchmarks.

Now at 37 with three small children, I find using the Simplicité range is a great way to keep my skin soft, hydrated and feeling great (and to help to combat the signs of sleep deprivation!).

My three, all-time favourite products are the One Step Exfoliating Cleanser as it makes my skin feel super soft and clean without drying it out, the Rosewood Face Oil nourishes beautifully and the Revitalising Night Creme does exactly what the name suggests!!

Recently I ordered the Rosehip and Lavender Complexion Refiner for the first time in years (after seeing Robin’s amazing sparkly skin in the newsletter!) and I had forgotten how gorgeous it is!!! The smell is divine (and takes me back to my first days with Simplicité!) and the results are wonderful. It’s such a lovely product, I’m glad I have rediscovered it.

Simplicité helps my skin be the best it can be, naturally.

Miranda Deakin-Kleine
Brisbane Qld

Freedom from dreadful rosacea

Freedom from dreadful rosacea

I have been using Simplicité for a few years now and would be lost without it. For about ten years, I had suffered from the most dreadful rosacea which seemed resistant to all treatments. It was both rosacea type 1 and 2, the facial redness as well as the acne type breakouts.But I then started using Simplicité products and found these to be so gentle on my skin and gradually they helped the rosacea to clear.

I have continued to use Simplicité every day and the rosacea has not returned. In case this might help someone else with rosacea, the main products I use are Sundew Cleansing Milk and Plant Gel Cleanser (Combination/Oily) (I alternate between these two cleansers), the One Step Exfoliating Cleanser  every evening,
Antioxidant Plant Serum and Sage Face Oil twice daily used before the Oil Controlled Day Creme and Lemon Night Creme – once daily each.

I thought I would also mention that for the past seven years, my husband has been struggling with cancer and I had my own scare with a melanoma earlier this year. So it continues to be a worrying time, but when I use Simplicité products the fresh natural scent helps me to get started in the morning and at night, it feels so soothing that it helps me to relax.

So for me, Simplicité has this other dimension beyond being wonderful skin care.
(full name and image withheld by request)

Ipswich Qld

No more lumps under my skin

No more lumps under my skin

I was introduced to Simplicité after hearing about it through colleagues and as soon as I tried the products I was hooked. I’m 27 and before using Simplicité I had small bumps under the skin on my cheeks, like a mild acne.
What I loved from the beginning is that this truly is an all-natural skin care product. I could actually identify every product on the ingredients list and was so happy to even see Australian bush natives used.

At first I was reluctant to use the Face Oil in the Trial Pack as I thought it would contribute to my oiliness. After Robin gave me some instructions I then used used it with the products in the Trial Pack and absolutely loved them all. Within a few months the lumps under my skin (which had been there since my teen years) had vanished. I loved my new beauty routine and my skin felt amazing.

I have now been using Simplicité for some years now and have tried nearly all of the range. What I like most about using Simplicité products is that they all smell amazing and feel wonderful and also they give you peace of mind because you know that you aren’t exposing your skin to harmful products.

Despite my initial reservations about oiliness, my favourite product is the Sage Face Oil, which makes my skin feel moisturised and dewy without being heavy. A couple of my other favourites are Lemon Night Creme (smells beautiful), and Plant Gel Cleanser (a lovely daily treat) – and there are many more.

I am exceptionally thankful to Robin and David for creating a quality product that is completely natural and animal friendly. I cannot speak highly enough of all of their Simplicité products.

Jess Kwiecien
Cleveland Qld

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