How to reduce sun damage and avoid harsh Eludex skin cancer treatment

People who used a number of Simplicité products regularly for eight months/one year found their dermatologist-diagnosed sun damage improved dramatically.

On seeing this significant skin improvement, all dermatologists and GPs involved in the above cases advised their patients from that time on they could entirely avoid Efudex treatment.

Efudex is one of several brand names for Fluorouracil (5-FU), a chemotherapy agent that's applied as a topical skin cream to destroy cancer cells, specifically skin cancer, early skin cancer and some skin conditions that may become skin cancer.

Also, using a number of Simplicité products regularly for at least six months improved dermatologist-diagnosed sun damage so significantly that planned Efudex treatment was downgraded.

How Sue Barnes avoided full-face Efudex treatment

Around the time she started using Simplicité products, Sue Barnes’ dermatologist had told her to prepare in six months time, for Efudex/Fluorouracil (5U) treatment on her whole face.

Sue dreaded the treatment. A few of her friends had warned of how harsh and invasive it was and that she'd be in a "world of pain for weeks" plus look as though she'd been through a bushfire, with "flaming red skin".

Sue despaired too she'd have to take time off from her cosmetics sales assistant job in a Brisbane department store. How could she work with that pain and her face bright red and looking terribly sore.

Over recent years Sue had one after another skin cancers either burned off or cut out of her face. She was a prime target for skin cancer: in her 50s, with fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. That was exacerbated by her growing up and living in Queensland, the infamously titled 'skin cancer capital of the world'.

Next step, announced her dermatologist - Efudex over your whole face, to treat early skin cancers. In winter is better, see you in six months.

But Sue was surprised and relieved at that next appointment when  the planned Efudex treatment was downgraded. No full face Efudex after all.

The dermatologist checked her skin, then said sounding surprised, "I don't know what you've been doing, but your skin is very much improved! So much so, you won't need to apply Efudex all over your whole face - only on this little part at the left side of your forehead'.

Sue was elated. Thinking over the last six months she realised why she'd just escaped the trauma and discomfort of full face Efudex treatment.

Six months ago Sue had started using the Simplicité Skin Care Basic Six products. Soon after, she'd added the Antioxidant Plant Serum concentrate.

Sue: "I am so impressed these gentle and beautiful natural skin care products improved my skin so much. Not long after I started using them I'd actually noticed** my sun damage had improved, a lot.

Now I'm blown away by this result after six months. I'm so glad I found Simplicité!

"I was able to keep working right through the minor Efudex treatment because only a small part of my forehead was red - not my whole face! I avoided a lot of pain, but also embarrassment and lost wages.

Natural skin care effective treatments reduce sun damage and avoid Efudex

**How Sue discovered effective sun damage treatment 

After using her first Simplicité product, Hydrating Floral Toning Lotion, for a while, Sue was surprised to notice her sun damage had improved.

She'd earned the lotion through a sales bonus scheme where she worked.

"I used the Toning Spray a few times a day for about a month and loved it - I still do", Sue says, "but from that time on I was quite shocked to notice that no new skin cancers were coming onto my face."

"I didn't understand what was happening, but it was  certainly connected to using the Toning Lotion.

Sue emailed Simplicité to ask why this was happening. She learned that the Toning Lotion, and all Simplicité products, contain multiple plant compounds that as well as improving tone, feel and appearance of skin, have published evidence to show they inhibit early sun damage as well as many other skin concerns.

Most of the products, including the Hydrating Floral Toning Lotion Sue first used, are rich in plant citral, a much-researched compound shown to reverse sun damage and flaky keratoses.

Citral has anti skin cancer activity: at 'normal use' concentrations, an anti-cancer potential through induced apoptosis by activating caspase-3.
Put simply this means it causes cell death of early skin cancers.[1]

On learning this, Sue decided she'd better start using as many Simplicité products as possible. She rapidly sold enough of them through the incentive scheme to acquire a full set of Basic Six products. "They're easy to sell because they feel and smell beautiful. And because they give such good results, I always had great follow up sales. When I sold a Simplicité Trial Pack I'd tell the customer, 'You'll soon be back to replace what you've run out of with bigger sizes - and they were."

Sue's skin has continued to stay clear of any new evidence of sun damage. And Efudex treatment.

[1] Planta Med. Citral is a new inducer of caspase-3 in tumor cell lines. Dudai N1, Weinstein Y, Krup M, Rabinski T, Ofir R

Simplicité Herbal Cosmeceutical products give exceptional results for reducing sun damage.

The freshly made, medicinal grade plant extracts they're made from contain high levels of desirable actives (citral, flavonoids, phenolics, limonene, terpenes and linalool, to name just a few) that have multiple published rejuvenating benefits for skin.

Published research also shows many of these plant actives additionally have anti sun damage activity. Others are thought to protect against the appearance of sun damage.

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