Natural skin care packaging that's 100 percent recyclable

"I have used your products for ages and  love what they do for my skin. I know you ethically source and grow your raw materials but what about packaging - what can I recycle please?"

100% Recyclable 

  • All Simplicité containers (jars, bottles and tubes) are 100% recyclable.
  • All caps, lids, pumps and seals are 100% recyclable.
  • When you have finished with all of the above, simply put them into your recycling bin.
  • We don't refill any bottles or jars as this would not be hygienic.
  • Your local council is the best source of recycling information - check your council's website and they'll probably have a recycling app as well.
  • All product boxes are recyclable.
  • When you buy online from us, you can also pop the cardboard mailing box and tissue wrapping into your recycling bin. When you've finished with leaflets and cards they can also be recycled.
  • Our Trial Pack zip bag can be recycled. Please first cut off the metal zip (put in household recycling bin) and place the rest of bag in the special Redcycle bins for soft plastics at Woolworths and Coles, or find other bin locations here.
  • Express post satchels are also recyclable through the Redcycle bins.


  • The laminated A4 suggested skin routine sheet we include with new customer Trial Packs is designed to be used long term. When finished with these can be reused in many ways.

Why we won't use bioplastics and biodegradable plastics

Bioplastics and biodegradable plastics have long been controversial and we won't go down this path. 

Just one reason is that there are environmental impacts from bioplastics, including methane emissions from landfills containing biodegradable plastics.

Read the other reasons why not here.

We used to use glass packaging

In years past we used to use cosmetic glass packaging that was made in Australia. ICI then moved their cosmetic glass production to New Zealand so we couldn’t justify the carbon footprint of shipping heavy glass containers by the pallet load, back to Australia on a ship. We then moved to plastic made in Melbourne, which of course has a fraction of the carbon footprint to ship to Brisbane. We look at the plastic story from beginning to end and make our decisions around that.

Our environmental credentials

We try to give to this planet in a tangible, sustainable way that honours what the land gives to us. 

Some of the 95 or so plant extracts we use in our products come from our own property. We manage this 40 hectares perfectly, but when we bought it 16 years ago it was an environmental write off. Lantana covered entire hillsides and valleys so thickly that we couldn’t even slash it with a tractor. 

Other fields and paddocks were full of thistle and balloon cotton bush. 16 years later, using manual labour and every spare weekend, we have restored these 40 hectares to natural heritage forest.

Return of wildlife to our property

As a result, wildlife has returned to our property in droves. A TV story was made about our land-restoring work in the Lockyer Valley and we’re held up as an inspiration to others who sit on their hands and do nothing about these problems.

Our natural skin care has its heart in our wild bush farm

For instance, our property adjoins a National Park containing World Heritage listed remnant Gondwana rainforest. In the time it has taken us to clear every last introduced weed, the National Park has become significantly more overgrown and out of control with lantana, fireweed, thistle and cotton bush.

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