Hydrating Floral Toning Lotion Combination/Dry, Oily 125mL

Hydrating Floral Toning Lotion Combination/Dry, Oily 125mL

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125mL atomiser

This facial toning spray is formulated for combination/dry, oily skin and is infused with extracts of fresh herbs and flowers to hydrate, refresh and calm. It contains natural plant saponins (evident as froth when bottle is shaken) that help skin to easily absorb nutrients in Simplicité Face Oils and Serum Concentrates.


  • Gives a radiance boost to skin. 
  • Intoxicating, subtle floral scent is only from our fresh herbal extracts, no added fragrance. 
  • Relaxes and refreshes the senses.
  • Alcohol-free formula is non-drying.
  • Ideal for sensitive skin.

"I thought surely a toner couldn't be that much different. I was so happy to be wrong!"

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  • Thyme – calms irritation.
  • Angelica - firms and tones.
  • Chamomile – soothes; improves appearance of sun damaged skin.

  • After cleansing, spray over face, neck and décolletage
  • Keep eyes closed whilst spraying and for another 5 seconds afterward.
  • Mix with Simplicité Face Oils and Serum Concentrates to help absorption - spray into hand with oil or onto face before applying oil.
  • Spray on at any time to refresh and nurture skin.

Purified water, Herbalist-made fresh whole plant extracts of Lavender (France), Rose Petal (India), Witch Hazel (USA) (not the clear, lifeless, alcohol-based version), Chamomile Flowers (France), Corn Silk (Lockyer Valley, Qld), Angelica Root (Germany)Olive Leaf (Australia), Peppermint (Australia), THyme (Australia), freshly extracted organic Aloe Vera leaf juice from Qld Australia (not the usual reconstituted powder from China), Niaouli (Madagascar), Rose Geranium (Kenya), Natural Preserving System (1% total), Turmeric, Chlorophyll

Bold denotes nutritive, active herbal ingredients. These are either certified organic or wild grown. We freshly make all our plant extracts in our laboratory. We don’t use lifeless, dried powdered herbs to make our extracts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Richard King
Neccessary if You Use Face Oils

This main attraction for me it how this product helps the absorption of the face oils as well as help the oils cover more surface area without needing more oil. I can use one pump of Sage Face Oil with one spray of Hydrating Floral Toning Lotion and it can cover my whole face and neck without "cheaping out on yourself." A must buy!

Angelina C.
Floral toning lotion

I absolutely love Hydrating floral toning lotion...I stay on as soon as I get out of the shower...it’s the start of my routine every morning. Like giving my fave a drink.

Angela R.
Love it

This toning lotion has a wonderful natural scent, is very refreshing and gentle and most importantly it is non-drying (like so many others). After an email exchange with Robin I found out that I can also use this toner on my very sensitive skin. It makes my skin feel fresh, soft and smooth.
When applying the face oil and/or serum (which I use AM and PM) I also mix a few sprays with either of it in my hands. My skin absorbs the oil and/or serum a lot better this way. Love it!

Nikki B.
Fabulous product

Love this product.

Gives a refreshing boost

I love this. Infused with fresh flower extracts and herbs, it assists in hydrating and toning. I use this in conjunction of the Sage Face Oil. I always spritz this and never waste a cotton pad. Free of alcohol, this does not sting or dry up your skin’s natural moisture. It contains Angelica, Thyme, Daisy, Lavender, fresh Rose petals, fresh Aloe Vera juice, Witch Hazel (fresh whole herb), Chamomile, Cornsilk, Olive Leaf, and Peppermint. Tip: Spritz all over the face and body for an extra refreshing boost during any time of the day. Spritz a little near the nape of your neck for a natural perfume :)

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