I noticed a BIG difference in my skin when I didn't use Simplicité

I had run out of my Simplicité products and couldn’t get back to buy more. A friend told me about a range of products available online which she persuaded me to invest in. The company put a lot of effort into their advertising and there were so many plant extracts listed on the labels – but soon I noticed a difference in my skin without the Simplicité. My skin texture became rough and dry patches developed very quickly, especially around my eyes and across my cheeks.

Worse, within a couple of weeks I developed a rash across the back of my neck and up into my scalp which became irritated and flaky.

I went back to find the Simplicité products I needed to improve my skin and within a couple of days, things were so much better! No areas of dry, patchy skin, the rash cleared up – I felt so much better!

Thank you for the quality products that make the Simplicité range so wonderful to use.

Michelle Tully
Brisbane Qld

dry skin redness

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