Simplicité products are so wonderful - and economical too

I love using my Simplicité skin care and have used the products since before 1997, every day, morning and night. The beautiful, natural fragrance of the products has become ‘my smell’, and my skin doesn’t feel right if I haven’t put it on.

In recent years I have become very conscious of products that may be toxic to my family. When I recently visited a kinesiologist, who tested my reaction to all the products I was using on my skin, the Simplicité products passed with flying colours.

In conversation with David and Robin I mentioned my husband had dry skin on his face from shaving. Now that he uses the Plant Gel Cleanser when shaving, his skin is great! I’d like to also mention that he uses my Damask Rose day Creme and loves it too.

There are many wonderful things I like about Simplicité, but one I should mention, since finances are such a big issue for many people, is that the products last me a long time – this makes them very economical. Some of my favourite products are Sage Face Oil, Damask Rose Day Creme, Great Outdoors Sunscreen, One Step Exfoliating Cleanser and the Firming Hydrating Eye Creme.

When I was a teenager I had a lot of acne problems and had quite a bit of acne scarring. Simplicité has allowed me to feel confident, giving my skin a lovely texture, and even though I use make-up almost every day, I certainly do not have to use very much.

I thank David and Robin for creating Simplicité so we can continue to enjoy this wonderful, natural product line.

Karla Adams-Jones
Toowoomba Qld

acne scarring dry skin

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