The well balanced way to cleanse with oil

Oil cleansing is a facial cleansing method that uses only oil.

Lately there have been a lot of stories promoting cleansing oils with dermatologists and celebrities having a say.

However, from our nutritive point of view, we don't think that using 'just oil' is an effective or skin-enriching way to clean your face. Here's why not - and what we believe works much better for skin.

Reasons to not only cleanse with oil

  • Cleansing with just oil doesn’t thoroughly cleanse. It's not a complete cleanse of skin because oil is always left behind. Yes, the oil that's supposed to be removing molecular waste and environmental fallout from skin.
  • When you cleanse with just oil you've got to wipe it off. Doing this can't help but be rough on skin.
  • Cleansing with just oil doesn’t give a rounded spectrum of nutrients to skin. A nutrient-rich cleanser does.
  • Ingredients in oil cleansers are often not so great for your skin. Example: castor oil.This is a very cheap ingredient that is widely used industrially as well as in skin care products. There are many problems connected with castor oil - including environmental problems with the way castor oil beans are harvested plus poor treatment of field workers.

Precleanse with oil

Use oil to precleanse skin at night if you’ve been wearing makeup. (Read our article about precleansing.)

Then, to give the best results for skin it's important to follow precleansing with a more balanced way of cleansing.

Balance in oil cleansing

A balanced oil cleansing system uses high quality plant oils and a mixture of other plant extracts to nurture and protect skin.

A balanced oil cleansing method is to use a creamy, fresh-feeling cleansing milk that employs high quality, unbleached and unfiltered plant oils and balances the use of these with freshly made-in-the-traditional-way herbal decoctions.

This perfectly describes Simplicité Sundew Cleansing Milk. 

Also, Plant Gel Cleansers for normal dry skin and combination oily breakout skin

What's the difference between these two types of cleansers?

Plant Gel Cleansers feel silky and luxurious, gentle and effective.
Sundew Cleansing Milk has a richer, creamier feel but still washes off easily, leaving no residue.

All Simplicité cleansers are gentle on skin, don't strip it of natural oils and effectively remove molecular waste, makeup, bacteria, pollution and excess oil from skin, leaving it feeling smooth and refreshed.

How to use

  1. Precleanse makeup - nighttime if you've been wearing makeup, use Simplicité Face Oil to precleanse. Doing this loosens heavier makeup so then our gentle-as-possible cleansers (great for skin) can easily remove the heavier makeup.
  2. Cleanse with Sundew Cleansing Milk - emollients of Wheatgerm and Sesame oil clean molecular waste from the pores and the surface of skin. These ingredients contain natural moisturisers that are rich in the important antioxidants squalene and vitamin E and help to reduce appearance of wrinkles and improve deep skin hydration.

    The other six nutritive herbal decoctions in the cleanser then effectively and gently wash away.these oils and the waste they’ve cleansed from skin and pores. These include:
  • Sundew flower extract (an insectivorous plant native to Tasmania), acts as a natural skin cleanser and soothes irritated skin. It also improves the appearance of sun damaged skin by helping to correct the damage done by free radicals.
  • Gingko biloba, rich in flavone glycosides, which among other benefits works to reduce breakdown of collagen, thereby reducing appearance of wrinkles. Flavone glycosides also regulate tone and elasticity of blood vessels, making circulation more efficient.   
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