New A-BEAUTY buzz is not new to us

The latest beauty buzz word is A-Beauty - it’s Aussie, it’s homegrown and it’s apparently set to exploit our love of anything that’s fast, easy and works.

A-Beauty replaces K-Beauty (from Korea) with its complex routines with up to 25 steps. Instead, A-Beauty concentrates on Australian extracts, few steps and natural results (thick makeup begone!)

The new and modish ‘Beauty from Oz’ is being talked up as an upcoming global trend.

Simplicité is excited to be involved with A-Beauty. But wait - we've been using our own 100-odd high quality plant extracts for more than 26 years. Many of these are Australian natives or otherwise grown in the best Australian conditions,

Here are the two defining concepts of A-Beauty (as well as our easy going Aussie lifestyle).

  1. It uses native extracts.

    At Simplicité we’ve always sourced and used Australian native plant extracts in our products – including Blue Mallee Eucalyptus, Bush Gardenia, Crimson Bottle Brush, Mulla Mulla, Sunshine Wattle, Sundew Flower, Sturt’s Desert Rose, Southern Cross and Spinifex. Plus, we use many non-natives that are grown in Australia.

  2. it’s simple and effective.

Simplicité products are simple, effective and give results.
That's always been our difference because:

  • We source the highest quality plants from which we make our own extracts.
  • We do this so we know that the plant extracts we use are as strong as possible.
  • Then, we use a synergistic blend of between 8 and 18 of these in our products. We’ll NEVER use ONE ingredient only as this can’t give the results for skin we want.
  • Lastly, we use large amounts of the above in our products – take a look at our ingredient lists to see what we mean.

    Simply try our products - feel and smell them - and you'll have no doubt you’re putting a LOT of beautiful plant extracts on your skin (which will thank you for it :)

    Sadly, when we look at ingredient lists of many products claiming to be A-Beauty, we must humbly say that these don't measure up to our standards.

    Active ingredients must be gentle and skin-nurturing

    We believe most traditional skin care products, A-Beauty or not, are causing skin ageing.

    This is because they’re packed with ingredients that either damage skin or do nothing to improve it.

    These include synthetic activators and so very many of what we call ‘fillers; also, water in serum ‘concentrates’ (which means they’re definitely not concentrates). There is widespread use of fragrance (which to us means there’s practically nil plant extract content - you should be able to smell what’s used.)

    We believe that most ingredients used in traditional skin care, A-Beauty or anything else, take up the spaces where we would instead use effective nutrients that nurture and improve skin.

    In our serums we use only plant extract concentrates.

    In our face and body oils we use plant extract concentrates along with plant oils.

    To make products such as lotions, cleansers and cream masks we use (plant based and gentle) bases that complement the quality of our active plant extracts. 

    To us, this is A+Beauty that works for skin and is not just another meaningless trend.

    To see your skin improve and glow, shop our nutrient-rich, gentle and effective product range here.

    A-Beauty Australian native extracts natural skin care Serum concentrates

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