The precleanse: how to easily remove stubborn makeup

09 November 2016

Precleansing is an important extra step in an evening cleansing routine that will help remove stubborn makeup off efficiently and gently. Taking a minute or so to precleanse is well worthwhile—it’s quick and ensures better, healthier skin.

Why precleanse?

You may groan at the thought of anything extra in a cleansing/nighttime skin care routine that gets between you and your head on the pillow. But adding a simple precleansing step ensures there won’t be leftover makeup smudges when you wake up in the morning.

 It’s highly likely those smudges can create problems for your skin—that won’t be solved as easily popping a stained pillowcase into the wash. Makeup is often blamed for causing many types of skin problems, from dryness, and early ageing to clogged pores, acne and breakouts. Certainly, many types of makeup foundations contain ingredients that will clog and congest pores (more on that later) and practically all types of makeup will age and dehydrate your skin.

But it’s not actually makeup that’s causing the above skin problems. It’s because makeup isn’t being removed efficiently, gently and with kind-to-skin ingredients.

When makeup—any type of makeup—sits on the skin because it hasn’t been removed properly, skin suffers—whether this is in the short term (breakouts) or long term (clogged pores, dryness, ageing).

Efforts to clean makeup off thoroughly are often thwarted because cleansers and exfoliators are either too harsh, so damage skin, or ineffective—don’t clean properly. And in a vicious circle, when incorrect cleansing of makeup causes skin problems the tendency is to use makeup to cover the problems.

Four ways to stop makeup congesting, dehydrating and ageing skin:

  1. Cleanse it off effectively, including from within the pores.
  2. Cleanse it off gently, avoiding harsh products that strip the skin’s natural oils.
  3. Cleanse it off with nutritive plant extract ingredients that ‘feed’ the skin, not with ingredients that introduce ageing elements into the skin.
  4. Plus this age old good skin advice:
    Don’t go to sleep without taking your makeup off. Because that’s never good for skin!

Are some makeup foundations easier to remove than others?

 Makeup foundation brands vary in how thick they feel on the skin but even the lightest feeling makeup can be difficult to remove if the ingredients are of the types that tend to ‘cling’ to skin.

Three types of makeup:

  1. Light
    Fluid makeup feels light but because it is usually silicone based and includes ingredients such as cyclopentasiloxane, isododecane, mineral oil and dimethicone it requires thorough removal to prevent it causing skin problems.
  2. Medium
    Mineral powder makeups are based on zinc oxide which easily congests pores unless skin is cleansed and exfoliated after each application.
  3. Heavy
    BB and CC creams, zinc based cream foundations, makeup based on beeswax, shea butter. For these, thorough cleansing is recommended.

For all makeup types, we recommend our quick, gentle and effective makeup cleanse:

  1. Precleanse: with wet hands massage two or three pumps of rosewood or sage face oil over face and eye makeup, including mascara. Do not rub oil in eyes. The fine-textured plant oils liquefy and loosen makeup without congesting skin.
  2. Follow with gentle and nutritive plant gel cleanser or sundew cleansing milk.
  3. Exfoliate and cleanse pores with one step exfoliating cleanser.

    *If time poor or tired, combine steps 2 and 3.

Comments (4)

Sandy on November 18, 2016

Never thought to pre-cleanse before. The facial oils to remove make-up sound wonderful.

Jasmine on November 16, 2016

Loved reading this newsletter – thank you so much for sharing! I love the Simplicite range.. my partner loves it now too after seeing my results and stealing my products.

Gina Morris on November 16, 2016

I love that I can you all your products (exfoliation products excluded) around or on my eyes without any irritation.
My she oil as a pre cleanse, my gel cleaner and both moisturisers. Maybe I’m lazy about my skin, or at least very time poor with two young boys, but being able to do my whole face with your products makes it SO much easier to look after my skin

Rose on November 16, 2016

I always do steps 2 – 3 but never thought to use my face oil as in step one. Thanks for the tip!

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