Why fresh plant extracts give stronger, shiner hair

Simplicité formulator and maker David Lyons, respected naturopath and herbalist, uses particular combinations of his own freshly made, concentrated plant extracts in Simplicité Shampoo and Conditioner. 

David explains how these combinations of extracts improve overall hair condition so hair can easily resist damage such as hair breakage and dryness.

"Simplicité’s nutritive approach is the only way to structurally change and improve hair (and skin). I formulated the Coastal Banksia & Orange Shampoo and She Oak & Lime Conditioner to support keratin structure of hair (even though this is dead tissue) without congesting (feeling limp/greasy) or using silicones."

"Using these hair products regularly will help the cuticle i.e. the outer layer of the hair to feel stronger, with more elasticity. Hair will also be softer to touch and look shinier." 

Strengthening the hair cuticle protects it from elements of heat, wear and tear.

This protection value from the nutritive ingredients also makes hair easier to blow dry and style.

Overall results will mean stronger, shinier hair with more elasticity. Finer hair will feel thicker.

Because of their high nutrient levels, Coastal Banksia & Orange Shampoo and She Oak & Lime Conditioner are of great benefit for many hair and scalp problems. Both products strengthen scalp circulation, and improve the health of the hair and scalp overall. They also seem to slow hair loss.

Fresh plant extracts: specific benefits for hair

Coastal Banksia & Orange Shampoo

Freshly extracted Aloe Vera juice - helps scalp problems.
Australian Bush Flower Coastal Banksia - assists damaged hair, improves body.
Hydrangea - contains resins that build body and strength of the hair.
Chamomile Flowers – calms irritated scalp conditions.
Sweet Orange - improves hair shine.
Mandarin - improves circulation through scalp.
Lemongrass – antioxidant-rich tonic for hair. Contributes to overall health of skin on scalp, refreshes, is antibacterial to skin infections. 
Grapefruit - promotes hair growth, breaks down circulatory toxins.
Bergamot - parasiticide, soothing, is from a small orange that is named after the Italian city of Bergamo. It relieves the discomfort of irritated skin (scalp). 
Avocado - supports healthy hair and scalp. Nutrient rich: provides high levels of vitamin A and D. Improves texture and elasticity of damaged hair, enhances deep moisture levels.
Jojoba - important for health of scalp.
Almond Glycerides - moisturise hair and scalp.
Allantoin - used in medicinal creams for irritated skin conditions including psoriasis.

She Oak & Lime Conditioner

Apricot Kernel - antioxidant activity supports elasticity.
She Oak - restores a healthy look to damaged hair.
Freshly extracted Aloe Vera juice - soothes scalp irritations.
Hibiscus - improves hair shine.
Cornsilk – nutritive, promotes healing. Cleanses and gives shine to hair.
Rice Bran - relieves dry, itchy scalp.
Jojoba phyto-gycerides - provide natural vitamin E, moisturise hair and scalp.
Lime – promotes healing, bactericidal, traditionally used for many scalp conditions including eczema, strengthens the hair, breaks down circulatory toxins.
Rosemary – soothing, calms headaches, fungicidal, parasiticide, improves circulation through scalp.
Lavender – soothing, hastens healing, improves resistance to infection, active against parasites so beneficial in the treatment of head lice (medicinal grade herb only). Medicinal grade lavender (only from altitudes above 1000 metres) has important antioxidant property via radical scavenging ability and antioxidant activity.

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