Roaccutane could not fix my 'terrible' acne

I had terrible acne for 17 years but now my skin is so clear that I don’t even wear makeup! As a bonus, even my acne scars and sun spots faded away.

What caused this miracle? I found the acne-clearing, beautiful range of Simplicité skin care products.

I had awful acne from the age of 15. I used Roaccutane (twice!) and as well, tried everything that beauticians and doctors could offer.

Nothing worked. Some things seemed to at first, but the results never lasted.

I had so many strong acid peels and it seems, every other sort of beauty treatment on offer. But my acne stayed and my skin just becamemore flaky, dry and dull.

But then I found Simplicité products after I moved from Argentina to Australia. I’m a vegan so when I heard that these organic and natural products actually gave results I was very interested.

Of course I was skeptical at the start because I had tried so many products in my life - also, Simplicité is very gentle.

But I know that they are very different to just ‘natural’ and also that they’re powerful as well as being so gentle!

Paola Moro
Brisbane Qld

Paolo used theSimplicité breakout products and importantly for clearing cystic acne, the internal remedy Herbal Skin Cleanser capsules.

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No more hyperpigmentation, acne and redness!

I'd lost all hope of finding products that wouldn’t make my already awful skin burn, flake and come out in a rash.

I had spent thousands of dollars on beauty products which claimed to solve my acne, redness and hyperpigmentation issues - but didn't.

But - since I have used Simplicité I have never felt so amazing, fresh and beautiful.

After just three weeks my skin is now glowing and feels so smooth, with no flakiness or redness - how awesome! Everyone has been commenting. I have even gained the confidence to date again.

I feel so lucky that I’ve finally found a solution to my skin problems – for a great price and value for money too. Thank you again David and Robin for changing my life and my confidence. I don’t know and cannot imagine what women and men did before these amazing products were created.

I love how Simplicité products are so real and fresh – the pure, fragrant essences of each product enlighten my senses.

Erin-Rose Marut
Brisbane Qld

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The natural skin care products that heal acne

When I was 19 I suffered from severe acne. I also had bad acne scarring from previous outbreaks. At the college where I was studying beauty therapy they heavily promoted strong AHAs (acid-based treatments) as the only way to get rid of acne and acne scarring. I used these for a whole year but saw no positive change at all in my skin.

Then naturopath David Lyons came to give a lecture at the beauty therapy college and some of us students went to buy the products after listening to him talk about his Simplicité ingredients. I got the Basic Six products for breakout and acne skin, as well as the Herbal Skin Cleanser capsules and the Acne Antibacterial Serum.

In just a couple of weeks there was an amazing difference. After four months, my skin was completely healed and absolutely beautiful and with no scarring at all (thanks to the Sage Face Oil and Anti-Oxidant Plant Serum).

I never had a fraction of these results from any other range, let alone the wonderful way my skin is now. And I certainly never thought natural skin care products could fix acne - and acne scarring.

Chloe Jayakody
Brookside Qld

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The best adult acne treatments

Before I found Simplicité products I had such severe adult onset acne that I had to cover this up with a thick mask of makeup foundation when I went to work. (My job as Executive Manager for a large media corporation required a high level of presentation.) I was distressed about having to do this, especially when attending conferences in holiday destinations – I felt so out of place wearing my mask of makeup when everyone was dressed casually.

But Simplicité products turned out to be the best adult acne treatments I’d ever found. Previously, I’d been frustrated and saddened to learn that I had very little choice other than invasive cosmetic procedures or high level of drugs with tremendous side effects.

I read an article about David and Robin and was delighted when David outlined a plan for me to overcome the adult acne. I used the Simplicité products for breakouts and acne including the Acne Antibacterial Serum as well as the internal cleansing remedy Herbal Skin Cleanser capsules. Within three to four months the aggressive breakouts had settled and by six months the outbreaks had stopped completely and the scarring had greatly diminished. I kept taking the capsules for a few more months to make sure.

12 months later my skin was still free of breakouts and acne and looked fresh, even toned and healthy – with or without make up!

I still use and love the full range of products for Combination Dry Oily Skin, including the Results Lift Gel. My skin is beautiful and I love it!

Lisa Cavallaro-Moran
Brisbane Qld

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No more cystic acne - just soft smooth, clear skin

I first started using Simplicité products after a chance meeting with Robin. My skin at the time was very sore and fragile following treatment for skin cancers and nothing seemed to help. Robin suggested I use the basic six products in the Travel/Trial Pack. I was delighted to find that my skin felt immediately soothed, and within three days it felt soft and comfortable.

I then confided in Robin about my years of problems treating adult acne – cystic acne that started in my late 30s. The outbreaks were embarrassing and I couldn’t find anything to help. David suggested that as well as use the products I take the Herbal Skin Cleanser Capsules (available only from the Newstead Head Office) for at least 5 months. After one month, the difference was noticeable, and the breakouts less aggressive. After 3 months, it was 75% improved and my skin actually looked and felt quite smooth. After 4 months, I thought I would be able to stop the treatment, but it still hadn’t completely cleared up, so I continued taking the capsules. After five months of religiously taking the capsules and still using the basic six products, including the One Step Exfoliating Cleanser and Sage Face Oil, the cystic acne problem completely cleared up. Now my skin is soft, smooth – and clear.

Amanda Reboul
Brisbane Qld

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