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Before I found Simplicité products I had such severe adult onset acne that I had to cover this up with a thick mask of makeup foundation when I went to work. (My job as Executive Manager for a large media corporation required a high level of presentation.) I was distressed about having to do this, especially when attending conferences in holiday destinations – I felt so out of place wearing my mask of makeup when everyone was dressed casually.

But Simplicité products turned out to be the best adult acne treatments I’d ever found. Previously, I’d been frustrated and saddened to learn that I had very little choice other than invasive cosmetic procedures or high level of drugs with tremendous side effects.

I read an article about David and Robin and was delighted when David outlined a plan for me to overcome the adult acne. I used the Simplicité products for breakouts and acne including the Acne Antibacterial Serum as well as the internal cleansing remedy Herbal Skin Cleanser capsules. Within three to four months the aggressive breakouts had settled and by six months the outbreaks had stopped completely and the scarring had greatly diminished. I kept taking the capsules for a few more months to make sure.

12 months later my skin was still free of breakouts and acne and looked fresh, even toned and healthy – with or without make up!

I still use and love the full range of products for Combination Dry Oily Skin, including the Results Lift Gel. My skin is beautiful and I love it!

Lisa Cavallaro-Moran
Brisbane Qld

acne breakouts

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