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When I was 19 I suffered from severe acne. I also had bad acne scarring from previous outbreaks. At the college where I was studying beauty therapy they heavily promoted strong AHAs (acid-based treatments) as the only way to get rid of acne and acne scarring. I used these for a whole year but saw no positive change at all in my skin.

Then naturopath David Lyons came to give a lecture at the beauty therapy college and some of us students went to buy the products after listening to him talk about his Simplicité ingredients. I got the Basic Six products for breakout and acne skin, as well as the Herbal Skin Cleanser capsules and the Acne Antibacterial Serum.

In just a couple of weeks there was an amazing difference. After four months, my skin was completely healed and absolutely beautiful and with no scarring at all (thanks to the Sage Face Oil and Anti-Oxidant Plant Serum).

I never had a fraction of these results from any other range, let alone the wonderful way my skin is now. And I certainly never thought natural skin care products could fix acne - and acne scarring.

Chloe Jayakody
Brookside Qld

acne acne scarring

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