Simplicite's best ever summer skin routine

Summer in Australia can only mean one thing - sun damaged skin.

Even if you're careful to avoid too much sun? Sorry to say, but yes.

Because. though lazy hot days at the beach and hours spent surfing with your friends and family make great summer memories, our harsh sun takes a huge toll on our skin.

No matter how short lived your sun exposure, even that slight tan will increase visible signs of ageing, increase skin cancer risk and later life skin pepperings of pigment spots.

Milder summers in Europe allows beachgoers with minimum sun protection to lie in the sun for ages with barely a consequence - just a couple of reasons being: further away than Australia from the equator plus our clear blue skies allow through maximum ultraviolet rays.

Hopefully we've all learned that when living in Australia we must respect the sun and protect our skin!

So, here are our tips for avoiding sun damage - tried and tested over 25 years. 

1) Wear a non-congesting sunscreen

Of course you must wear sunscreen if you’re in the sun. Not to do so is VERY unhelpful for both your skin and your health.

Do make sure though, that the sunscreen you use also won’t damage your skin.

A negative aspect of sunscreen use is that many types congest skin. When skin pores block up, breakouts and blackheads invariably follow. Congested skin more easily dries out - and dry skin contributes to premature ageing.

Zinc oxide sunscreen is usually the culprit for causing skin congestion. Our advice is to keep away from it - otherwise, after every use of a zinc oxide sunscreen it is essential to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate skin at night with effective products that also will not strip the skin.

2. Fight sun damage radically and effectively

Radical - it's not widely known that skin products containing effective amounts of particular plant compounds can reverse sun damage and inhibit the growth of early skin cancers.

Effective - the following 100% active plant nutrients used throughout the Simplicité range are scientifically proven to do exactly the above.

Medicinal grade Sesame contains a plant compound called Pinoresinol which can reverse sun damage and inhibit the growth of early skin cancers (Rehydration Serum, Sundew Cleansing Milk, Damask Rose Day Creme, Nutritive Body Lotion)

Medicinal grade Lemon contains citral - shown to have anti skin cancer potential so helps to reverse sun damage and flaky early skin cancers.
(Citral is used widely through the Simplicité range; Lemon extract is used in Lemon Night Creme, Oil Controlled Day Creme, Sage Face Oil, Rehydration Serum, Hyper-Pigmentation Serums A&B and three body products.)

Rice Bran and Wheatgerm contain squalene and other fatty acids that help skin and hair retain moisture plus give immune integrity against sun damage.
(Rice Bran – Angelica Lip Care Balm, body and hair products, Wheatgerm is used extensively through the Simplicité range.)  

The high levels of desirable phytoactives in these products inhibit skin cancer cell growth when the early signs are just a few cells in size as well as supporting collagen production.

Skin can't afford to miss out on these phytoactives.

Skin tip for summer: Apply a Simplicité serum under basic Simplicité products each morning and evening. The  boost of concentrated antioxidants rapidly steps up skin repair - our nutrient rich sunscreen tops off the process, reducing visible effects of previous sun damage.

3) Treat sun damage quickly

When the skin is exposed to UV rays, a pigment called melanin is produced to absorb the rays and defend against damage. While melanin initially turns skin brown, too much exposure can cause a toxic reaction which results in red, stinging and hot skin.

Excess sun can severely damage cells and should be avoided at all costs. Not only can it cause pain and discomfort, but skin that’s sore or hot to touch indicates exposure to more UV radiation than it can process. This highlights cellular damage which can be a leading cause of skin cancer.

Skin tip for summer: Soothe and calm sun affected skin faster by applying Simplicité Nutritive Body Lotion on the body; serum and face oil on the face. Simplicité active nutrients step up the regeneration of damaged skin cells- working to reduce redness and soothe stressed skin quickly.

4) Hydrate skin out and in

Getting lots of sun exposure dries out skin, there’s no doubt about that. It’s best to totally avoid being in the harsh Australian sun but of course that’s not practical advice.

So, be sure to keep up water intake throughout the day. There is no need to go overboard with this – best to have a glass of water on rising and then have one whenever you feel thirsty. Note: be careful when spending long periods in air conditioning because the constant cool air can mask your body’s thirst.

Keep skin fresh and dewy by morning and evening application of Simplicité face oil. This deep hydration is quick and simple because skin can easily absorb the mix of fine plant oils and extracts.

Skin tip for summer: All drinks hydrate your body, yes, even tea and coffee count. It’s a fallacy that if you have a few cups of tea and coffee during a day that this will work negatively as a diuretic against your liquid intake. To have this happen you would need to drink about 20 cups of coffee or tea, not likely for most people!

5) Even out skin tone

Hyperpigmentation is the appearance of brown patches on the skin. Hyperpigmentation is invariably caused by sun damage and can be difficult to reverse.

The most effective way to prevent and reduce hyperpigmentation is to apply products containing potent antioxidants that reduce the size of melanin cells. This creates a reduction in the strength of hyperpigmented colour.

Alba White Day Moisturiser is a morning and night-time ritual that improves the appearance of skin hyperpigmentation without any use of synthetic triggering agents.

Green tea, Bearberry and Camellia are used in Simplicité products that protect and reduce hyperpigmentation. The overall effect when used over a few months is to whiten and lighten skin.

As well as tackling hyperpigmentation, Uva Ursi and Buchu, brighten the overall appearance of skin.

Skin tip for Summer: Apply a Simplicité Serum concentrate as well as Alba White Day Moisturiser/Lemon Night Creme morning and evening through the summer months to strengthen skin again sun damage and to gradually fade sun sun spots plus protect from  further damage.

Arm your skin against sun damage this summer by using Simplicité’s potent combination of effective, non congesting sunscreen and the 100% active nutrients used through the whole Simplicité range.

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