A sister's help for rough flaky skin

Rough, flaky areas of skin on the face are uncomfortable, inconvenient and can strike at any time of year.

This very common skin complaint is often sparked by dry, cold weather; fierce air conditioning and heating can have the same drying, cracking effect. Resilient skin with deep moisture levels can endure climate and temperature extremes without drying out but without this protection skin is vulnerable.

The other main cause of rough, flaky skin is using harsh products that strip, dry and don’t offer a nutrient fix to soothe and smooth skin.

Even one little bumpy patch on the face can cause problems—as Jay L explained in an email asking for help with her sister’s skin.

“We were practicing makeup on each other and the skin on her nose is very rough…like it’s peeling slightly. It makes her foundation catch and become noticeable. She says she exfoliates several times a week. I love your products and thought I would get her one of your Trial Packs, is there a regime you could recommend to help?”

 The Basic Six products in the Trial Pack will fix rough, flaky skin because they work together to repair and nurture, then protect from further damage.

By following this simple routine Jay’s sister will see results for smoothing out the bumpy skin on her nose within a few days and the improvement will continue. Using natural skin care with certified organic ingredients is effective only if formulations are nutrient-rich. 

Two essential steps to reverse rough flaky skin

  1. Effective, nutritive cleansing and exfoliating
    Gentle cleansing is essential. Heavier makeup can be precleansed with face oil so there is never a need for using synthetic acid products that strip and age skin.

    Rough skin always needs exfoliation but this needs to be gentle as well as effective so as not to damage the skin's delicate acid mantle. Many physical exfoliators don’t give improvement no matter how often they’re used (see Jay’s sister’s story above) and chemical exfoliators are quick fix methods that don’t give skin the support it needs to be able to restructure and improve.

    An effective product will clear pores as well as gently exfoliating skin.

  2. Deep rehydration and protecting the skin surface
    After cleansing and exfoliating the skin's deep moisture levels must be replenished with pure, finely textured plant oils and high quality plant extracts—nutrient-rich face oils that provide essential nutrients plus natural liposomes to enhance the deep absorption of soluble vitamins.

    Then protect with another nutritive layer; a hydrating, light day or night moisturiser that refreshes, soothes and helps to stop the skin’s surface drying out.

Nutrient fact

One teaspoon of One Step Exfoliating Cleanser contains 16 times more antioxidants than the same amount of crushed blueberries. Active herbal extracts In One Step include Rosemary, Avocado and Cole Seed to rehydrate, firm and smooth skin.

Use One Step Exfoliating Cleanser every evening in the shower after cleansing.

Our prediction for Jay's sister—definitely no more bumpy skin on nose dramas with makeup.

If you have a skin problem we'd love to help; please email us.

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