Real results for reducing hyperpigmentation

26 January 2017

Even if you have good skin, it's important to take care of it. Especially if you live in a harsh climate.

Such as Australia. 

In the famous poem 'My Country' Dorothea Mackellar variously describes Australia as 'sunburnt', 'brown' and with a 'pitiless blue sky'. All of which mean it's tough on skin.

Sun damage is not just ageing. Skin cancer kills around 2000 Australians each year.

To prevent both of the above it's imperative to protect skin with clothing and hats as well as a nutritive sunscreen. And just as necessary is to nurture skin with high quality plant nutrients. Doing this regularly and often will not only save skin from trauma it will revive, hydrate and smooth it. But this can only be achieved by applying the plant nutrients directly to skin. That's because body organs line up first for the nutrients in what we eat.

The younger you are when you discover this skin benefit - and live by it - the better your skin will be all throughout your life. Harsh climate notwithstanding.

Blogger and student Elese Dowden discovered better skin when she road tested three products over two summer months spent in both Australia and New Zealand (equal with Australia on the skin cancer scale).

Elese's conclusion: "While good skin runs in the family it’s the taking care of it with high-quality products like Simplicité’s range that makes a difference in the long run."


"...it (Simplicité) nourishes your face in a way that good chats over a long meal nourish your soul."

Hyperpigmentation and sun damage

Another sun damage downside for skin in a harsh climate is hyperpigmentation. These pesky brown patches are actually the skin trying to protect itself by increasing production of melanin (brown pigment). Unfortunately so often what eventuates is uneven skin colouring and texture.

Even at Elese's young age she complains of hyperpigmentation on her face and she's pleased this looks better.

"Some of the pigmentation around my eyes has...reduced from the last naked-face photo I took in December in the previous post. I’m excited to see how this keeps reducing using these Simplicité products for the next few months."

Read Elese's full post here: http://www.elesedowden.com/simplicite-skin-care/

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