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 No matter what claims are made about skin care products, whether they’re natural skin care or organic skin care, or synthetic acid based—in the end, people buy skin care hoping for results.

All sorts of promises are made about skin care. But whether these promises are for new and 'amazing' ingredients or supposedly 'cutting-edge' technology...the customer who buys the product really just wants it to work.

'Work' of course means that your skin improves—and keeps improving. To the point where it is glowing and radiant and feels beautifully soft and smooth. 

Is that really so much to ask?

Apparently it is.

Because from what we’ve heard over years and years is that people generally aren’t happy with either their skin or the skin care products they’re using. That's whether they're using the retinoic acid and ascorbic acid types of product—as well as natural and organic skin care products.

In direct contrast to all of this, all we seem to have heard from our customers over the past 25 years is how happy they are with using Simplicité products and how happy they are with their skin.

This is because we help the skin to become healthy again. We help it to become more toned and firm.

We do this by providing active nutrients in high concentrations, in synergistic combinations from bioavailable sources. 

In our opinion and from what customers have told us of their previous experiences, harsh ingredients such as the synthetic ‘acids'—gycolic acid, retinoic acid, lactic acid and so on—do nothing to enhance, firm, or tone skin in the long-term. At best, that approach can only give a temporary impression of change. 

As a herbalist with more than 30 years experience, David Lyons, who formulates and makes Simplicité products, is sceptical about the 'watered-down' meaning of the word 'organic' when it comes to skin care products. 

David Lyons sources certified organic herb to make Simplicité products. However the massive Simplicité difference from other natural skin care and organic skin care ranges is that he uses the best medicinal-grade herbs available.

These are grown with care and attention by 'fanatical' small crop farmers to a standard way above the usual 'organic' standard.

There is no requirement of quality in any certification standard for organic skin care – or natural skin care.  Regular organic and natural skin care uses commercial quality plant extracts.

Simplicité is very different because the plant extracts are of the very highest (medicinal grade) quality. It  is because of our medicinal grade ingredients and what they do that we produce stunning results for skin.

Yes, people buy skin care because they hope, often desperately hope, for results.  

Our results include improving fine lines, promoting elasticity, enhancing cosmetic repair, reducing photo-ageing (sun damage), firming the visible layer of the skin and giving a more luminous looking skin. 

All that, plus theoverall  result that everyone wants—that skin will look 10 to 15 years younge

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