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Makers of natural skin care and organic skin care products don't just need to to know where the plant extracts in their products come from.

They need to also know how the extracts have been made.

Otherwise, how do they know how concentrated and strong the extracts are. Natural skin care and organic skin care is only as good as the plant extracts that its made from.

And if the plant extracts aren't capable of making a positive difference to skin, what's the good of them? 

It's rather an unfortunate reality then, that a great many natural skin care and organic skin care products are just standard laboratory formulations.

And the plant extracts? They will also have been sourced from a laboratory or a factory either in a powdered form, ready to be diluted with water and used in formulations.

Or, the plant extract will be a liquid that, if it is organic skin care will be a mostly glycerin and water mixture. If it is natural skin care, the liquid extract can be preserved with ingredients such as propylene glycol, that don't have to be listed as an ingredient.

There is no requirement concentration or of quality when plant extracts come from a factory.

By contrast, Simplicité Skin Care uses only our own hand made plant extracts.

Several of the wild grown plant extracts are sourced from the Simplicité Skin Care’s wild bush farm. This is is a 40 ha property located in the foothills of the Mistake Mountains National Park, at the southern end of the Lockyer Valley in south east Queensland.

The Simplicité wild bush farm is a place of breathtaking natural beauty. Our ancient natural forest adjoins World Heritage listed Gondwana rainforest.

From this natural forest on our farm we gather some of our wild-grown herbal ingredients—Melaleuca, Eucalypt, She Oak and more.

So as not to disturb Nature's quiet and perfect work we don't use typical row on row farming techniques.

Here, plants grow the way Nature intended; slowly, never over-watered, in natural soil and in their natural climate.

Other Simplicité ingredients are chosen from areas that are similar to the Simplicité farm.

These are pristine areas where the herbs and flowers have always grown naturally.

These highest quality, medicinal-grade, and organic ingredients are sourced from Australia, and countries throughout the world.

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