The rocky road to finding effective natural skin care

When Karyn Miles tried Simplicité’s natural skin care products, she was hoping to clear up particular skin problems.

After using the Simplicité range and getting some unexpected but very welcome results, she was so impressed she wrote to tell us about it.

Karyn suffers from chronic pain and has terrible issues with effects of cold weather on her skin.

She wrote,

"Every winter my face stings with the cold. This winter, my skin was truly horrible,‘[It was] dehydrated, and flaking, with very dark under-eye circles and blackheads in my nose and chin area and the largish white cysts between my eyebrows with a very deep furrow."

Karyn had tried using makeup to camouflage the problem but found it only highlighted the area. A skin clinic advised her that they could use needles to remove the cysts but warned doing this could result in scarring.

Karyn had started looking for a natural skin care range a decade ago but hadn’t found anything that suited her.

She had tried several different brands but had problems with the fragrance or consistency of most of them.

As her skin condition worsened, she realised the price she was paying for those skin care products did not justify the results (or lack of), so she began an intensive online search for a natural skin care range that would work for her.

Karyn’s hunt ultimately led her to Simplicité.

‘The positive comments on Simplicité around the efficacy of products was what I was looking for. That and the generous size of your trial packs,’ Karyn said.

After only seven weeks, Karyn was astonished to see that the white cysts had disappeared without leaving any inflammation or scarring. The furrow in her brow was shallower and less noticeable, and a broken capillary under her eye was no longer visible.

As she went through her daily skin care routine, Karyn found an unexpected benefit of using Simplicité’s natural skin care range.

She would regularly rub toner and the residue from the serums on the backs of her hands, up towards her forearms.

"The brown sunspots on my hands have faded and the white marks from sun damage up my arms have 'smooshed into an even tone”. Both the brown and white spots were quite noticeable previously."

Not only was Karyn thrilled with the results of individual products in the Simplicité  range, she was also delighted to find that all of the products worked for her. In the past Karyn had found she couldn't  tolerate using more than one or two products in a skin care range.

Now though, she has been able to drastically improve her skin because Simplicité skin products are created from potent formulas using pure, natural and organic ingredients that potentiate and complement each other.

If you suffer from skin problems or just want clearer, better looking skin, shop the Simplicité range of high quality, natural skin care products. If you need advice on the best natural skin care products to use for your skin care issue, contact Simplicité.

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