The natural fix for flaky sensitive skin

Ruby McGrath used to be unhappy about the eczema on her face.

Her skin was flaky, itchy and sensitive.

Ruby, now 20, has clear, glowing skin and loves it. She writes here about what changed and why having good skin is so central to feeling confident and happy.

I used to hate my skin

"I have, or used to have, a love/hate relationship with that saying, "Love the skin you're in".

What if you don’t love your skin? What if the state of your skin is the very thing that’s feeding your crippling anxiety and insecurities?

For years I suffered from itchy, flaky, sensitive skin - otherwise known as eczema. I tried so many products but they only made the irritation worse.

I felt I had to smother my young skin with makeup and seek to avoid bright, natural light at all costs.

Why we hide behind makeup

I believe it’s harder for teens of this generation who live in the digital age. There’s such strong pressure to look a certain way that it’s no wonder the makeup industry has flourished in the past decade. It targets teenage girls who are yet to find comfort in their own natural beauty.

I encourage women, especially teenagers, to invest in effective skin care, rather than hiding their skin behind makeup. We all need to be kinder to ourselves - and to our skin.

And it’s important to be to be able to feel confident whether wearing makeup or not.

Fortunately, I found the nourishing, wholesome and truly natural skin care that gave me that confidence.

The gentle products that fixed my skin

I introduce to you our best-kept Australian beauty secret: Simplicité Skin Care.

Simplicité is a plant-based skin care range created in Brisbane that is formulated with hand-made fresh plant extracts by naturopath David Lyons and co-founded by his glowing wife, Robin.

Many people I mention these products to seem dubious about plant based skin care and how effective it is. It seems we have been conditioned to somehow believe that our skin reacts well to harsh ingredients!

However our skin knows just what to do with the gentle and medicinal-grade, herbal extracts used in Simplicité’s line.

Like me, you’ll find your skin - even hormonal teenage skin - cooperating magically with the concentrated blends of essential nutrients and antioxidants from the herbs, plants and flowers that make up Simplicité’s uniquely organic formulas.

No more itching or burning

I started with the Basic Six Trial Pack for Normal Dry skin. The Damask Rose Day Creme especially was so soothing.

After a few weeks my skin wasn't itchy and flaky anymore! Occasionally in cold weather the symptoms return - but now I know what to do. I love these products and I use them everyday.

Finding and using Simplicité has ended my once perpetual search for glowing, fresh, healthy skin.

I had good skin all along, as does everyone – Simplicité just makes it attainable.

So please, to any tired and fed up teenagers reading this (or anyone else with problem skin) I urge you to invest in your skin by (and your confidence) by using these kind, nurturing products."

Ruby McGrath
Brisbane QLD

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