How to choose natural skin care products that give results

How can you tell if a natural skin care range will give results for firmer, more radiant skin?

Or tell if an organic skin care range is capable of rejuvenating skin?

Here is a simple method to find this out which can be used for any type of skin care.

Check the colour of oils and serums

If body and face oils and serums are a rich yellow or orange colour this means that there is a very high antioxidant level in the product. Only these high levels of antioxidants ensure positive changes for skin.

If, on the other hand, the oils and serums are clear, have no colour,  this shows that they are lacking in nutrient and contain very little or no antioxidants.

Most oils and serums are colourless

It can be difficult to check what colour an oil or serum is unless you’re physically holding one. That’s because practically all skin care brands hide their oils and serums behind heavily tinted glass or coloured plastic. Invariably though, what's inside is the same in each bottle.

Those amber bottles are hiding bland, bleached - colourless - liquids.

Skin care companies often say that the reason they use amber or coloured glass and plastic bottles is because the essential oils must be protected from the light or they will go rancid.

We believe this is nonsense.

If essential oils are of a high quality and concentration they can easily resist environmental influences. The Simplicité products are so rich in natural, anti-ageing antioxidants that they are extraordinarily stable under normal storage conditions (out of direct sunlight and in less than 30 degrees).

We have bottles of our Simplicité oils and serums from back when we started making them in 1992. They are still usable, still smell good and importantly, still have the nutrient-rich colour they began life with.

It’s certainly true that when the sorts of clear, colourless nutrient-less oils and serums are exposed to light they rapidly deteriorate and go ‘off’.

And it must also follow that these colourless products are also too lacking in nutrient to be able to help skin to improve.

Why orange and yellow serums and oils are good for skin

The medicinal grade quality of Simplicité Skin Care ingredients is most visually apparent in the rich orange and yellow tinged colours of its face oils and serums. These colours proclaim the quality and strength of the ingredients and reflect the large amounts of antioxidants in these products.

The yellow and orange colours are pigments called carotenoids. One of these is beta-carotene, which is extraordinarily high in antioxidant levels and is found in many vegetables and fruits. Beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A in the human body and supports healthy skin as well as the immune system, eye health and mucus membranes.

Many skin care products are claimed to contain this very useful ingredient. But again the same point becomes obvious – if the colour of the beta carotene doesn’t show up in concentrated products such as oils and serums there must be hardly any of it in the product.

  • Beta carotene helps to lessen acne scarring and speeds up cell renewal to help in fading age spots and prevent pores from getting clogged.
  • Beta carotene’s high antioxidant levels helps to strengthen skin to prevent early ageing.
  • Beta carotene lightens and brightens skin. It helps to replenish skin cells and so helps with  glowing and clear skin.

The 'Full Monty' of skin care

Since its beginning in 1992 Simplicité has displayed the rich yellow and orange colours of its serums and oils in clear bottles. There is no need to hide behind amber bottles. Light doesn't affect this sort of quality.

By contrast beauty salon owners often report that when they’ve emptied the oils or serums of a brand other than Simplicité into a clear container the lack of colour and the poor quality of these products immediately becomes obvious.

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