The best moisturiser to use during and after Efudex treatment

I know now from personal experience the answer to the question "What is the best moisturiser to use during and after Efudex treatment". It is Damask Rose Day Creme.
Cathy H from NSW, Australia

Because I was lucky enough to find Damask Rose Day Creme and use it during and after my Efudex treatment - and afterward also to use other products from the same range - this is how my skin looks now compared to before.

Cathy's Efudex story

Efudex Fluorouracil-5% topical cream  is used to treat precancerous solar and actinic keratoses, also a type of skin cancer called superficial basal cell carcinoma. It is a normal response to using Efudex that skin being treated turns bright red and swells,becomes inflamed and feels extremely uncomfortable. This response is expected and shows that the Efudex treatment is working. 

Cathy: "This nutritive cream was amazing and I cannot recommend it highly enough if you are undergoing Efudex treatment. While the process was still excruciating, Damask Rose Day Creme was so helpful in alleviating the stinging and dryness that usually defines using Efudex cream.

This is how I looked a week after starting Efudex treatment.
Best moisturiser to use during and after Efudex
My doctor had prescribed Efudex for keratosis spots on my face that he was concerned about. I was prepared for the fact that I would look really awful for the duration of the treatment, but what I wasn’t prepared for was the incredible discomfort that accompanied the treatment – the burning, stinging, and dryness that was constantly crusting and weeping and making me feel ill with the pain. I was told not to use any creams on my face during treatment, and the more tight and dry my face felt, the more despairing I became.

Best moisturiser to use before and after Efudex
I began a search on the internet to seek other people’s experiences of this treatment, and came upon a site where a woman raved about how amazing Damask Rose Day Creme (a Simplicité product) was during her treatment, and how it had saved her sanity and soothed discomfort when she used it.

I then searched to locate a stockist near me, and lo and behold a local beautician, Penelope from The Treatment Room in Federal NSW, stocked Simplicité products. I contacted Penelope, told her my situation and arranged to meet and purchase the Damask Rose Day Creme. Using that during the rest of my Efudex treatment saved me too - it completely took all the pain and discomfort away, as well as stopping those dry awful scabs forming.

Once I'd finished the Efudex treatment I organised to have a facial with Penelope to restore the condition of my skin. Penelope uses Simplicité products in her clinic, which are made by a Naturopath in Brisbane and I have become a complete fan of all of their products.

Best moisturiser to use during and after Efudex
I now have regular facials with Penelope and as well, use Simplicité serums, Eye Cream and the Damask Rose Cream each and every day. My skin recovered extremely well from the Efudex treatment because I used the Simplicité products which are simply divine.

I have included several photos to show how my face healed under the care of Penelope and the daily use of Simplicité products.

This last photo was taken straight after an anti-ageing facial during which Penelope used a range of the Simplicité products that my skin just loves.

Best moisturiser during and after Efudex

While I found the Efudex treatment horrendous, I am grateful that it led me to find Penelope and the divine Simplicité skin care products.
Cathy H

Cathy's Simplicité products

During Efudex:
Damask Rose Day Creme twice daily and other times as needed to soothe pain and comfort my skin.

After Efudex:  
One Step Exfoliating Cleanser at night after cleansing.
Twice daily Anti-Oxidant Plant Serum applied with Hydrating Floral Toning Lotion (normal/dry).
Twice daily Capillary Repair Serum and Alba White Day Moisturiser to address redness.
Firming Rehydration Eye Cream

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