The all-natural way to clear skin and no hormonal acne breakouts

When you've had hormonal cystic acne for a year, can you really get rid of it quite quickly without using drugs or harsh products - and end up with clear skin, no hormonal cystic acne and no scarring?

Review of Simplicité Herbal Skin Cleanser capsules
by Tanya P

"Ive had clear skin for years now, but in February 2012 - when I was 36 - I contacted Robin from Simplicité with a dilemma. 

At that time I had hormonal cystic acne for around a year, and did not want to use Roaccutane.

I was getting cystic acne before my period, on my chin, jawline, and temples.

I would typically get 2 - 4 acne cysts which were each the size of a very large pea, quite deep underneath the skin, red, and quite painful.
No over-the-counter topical creams got rid of these acne cysts. They lasted for around 2 weeks, and also left small, indented scars.

When I first developed these, my GP prescribed antibiotics (Doxycycline) which worked for around 6 months but then became ineffective.

My GP then referred me to a dermatologist (with a 6 month waiting list) who prescribed me another antibiotic (Minocycline) and a topical antibiotic gel.

The dermatologist also handled me a booklet on Roaccutane and advised me that I should consider Roacutane if I had no improvement in 3 months.

I could not tolerate the Mincocycline and stopped taking it and did not want to go on Roaccutane. (My brother took Roaccutane during his teens; it improved his skin, but it also took a while to work, dried out his skin so that it was raw, flaking and uncomfortable, and he was still left with scarring.)

I contacted Robin from Simplicité as I wanted to know if there were any Simplicité products I could use for the acne, and to minimise any scars. (I had used Simplicité products before, and they had been good for my sensitive skin.

I was however a bit sceptical whether Simplicité products could work on the acne front - given that Roaccutane was what was otherwise being recommended.

But I really did not want to go down the Roaccutane route, and I had already exhausted options with my GP and dermatologist.)

On Robin's advice, I started to use Plant Gel Cleanser (comb/oily skin) twice daily and One Step Exfoliating Cleanser nightly (one cleans skin, the other clears pores, exfoliates) plus Anti-Bacterial Serum (nightly, on the areas where I was prone to get cysts,) and the Herbal Skin Cleanser capsules.

I started taking the Herbal Skin Cleanser capsules (3 capsules twice a day), with food, for a month.

To my surprise, I got no pre-menstrual cystic acne at all.

When I lowered the Herbal Skin Cleanser capsule dose (to 2 tablets, twice a day) I did then get 2 small, hormonal pimples crop up on my chin again - but these were now quite small, around 1/4 of the size of the cysts I had before.

If I used the Acne Antibacterial Serum on these smaller spots, they would either disappear overnight or (at most) after 3 days. I therefore maintained the higher dose of the Herbal Skin Cleanser capsules to keep my skin clear.

Once I got rid of the acne (which was relatively quick for me, within a month) I continued with the Herbal Skin Cleanser capsules and used the Antioxidant Plant Serum (nightly) and the Rosehip and Lavender Complexion Refiner to minimise any indented, shallow scarring.

In around 4 months, I really saw a difference - plus the scars had disappeared.

I am happy to say that I have clear skin, no hormonal cysts, and no scarring.

Today in 2019, I continue to use the Herbal Skin Cleanser tablets (3 tablets, twice a day; which David and Robin have noted is fine to do), One Step Exfoliating Cleanser plus the Antioxidant Plant Serum for anti-ageing.

I really do believe that Simplicité products worked for me when conventional medicine did not. I am also grateful for finding Simplicité products when I did as it saved me from acne scarring - other members in my family were not as lucky. So thank you, Simplicité - and to Robin and David!"
Tanya P
Canberra ACT

Taking Herbal Skin Cleanser capsules and using Simplicité products will clear post-pill acne in the same way as they cleared Tanya's cystic acne.

How to order Herbal Skin Cleanser capsules

Not available online as this is a naturopathic remedy - please phone us on (07) 3852 1081 or email to order.

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