How to clear post-pill acne

The birth control pill has been a blessing for many women, providing peace of mind and aiding treatment of irregular or painful periods, migraines and teenage acne. It has also been widely used to assist in stabilising hormone levels and managing hormonal mood swings.

However, when you stop taking the pill, you can be blindsided by a backlash of effects. Often the result is a gradual onset of acne, even if, dismayingly, you've never had acne before. Going from healthy skin to blemishes that seem to come out of nowhere can leave you feeling overwhelmed and embarrassed.

So, what to do about it? Don't worry, help is most definitely at hand, but firstly, it's helpful to understand how acne forms, how the pill influences it, and why your body might react when you cease taking the pill.

How acne develops

Acne occurs when the pores in our skin become clogged. The glands in our skin contain sebum, which is a type of oil. Sebum, along with dead skin cells and dirt can clog pores and encourage an increase in acne-causing bacteria.

How birth control pills control acne

The birth control pill contains a combination of an estrogen and a progestogen.

Put simply, the hormones used in birth control limit the level of sebum that sparks acne.

Why your body reacts when you stop taking the pill

When you went on the pill, the estrogen and progestogen adjusted your hormonal balance. When you go off the pill, your hormonal balance is again modified, and the artificial restriction of sebum stops. As your hormones start returning to their natural level, your body may respond by going into overdrive and ramping up the production of sebum.

When this happens, your skin can erupt in post-pill acne, even if acne wasn't the reason for the pill in the first place.

If you look at what's been happening, this all makes sense - you've taken a hormone-based medication for many years, suddenly NOT taking that medication means your body is no longer getting the same dose and balance of hormones that it is used to. 

A natural, effective way to resolve post-pill acne

So, now here's the part you've been waiting for – the simple steps you can take to get rid of acne caused by stopping the pill. 

You can restore your body and skin to optimal health by adopting a natural and effective routine that doesn't include taking another round of hormones.

For best results, start this routine up to two months before you stop taking the pill. It will help you prepare your skin and your system for the absence of artificial hormones.

    1. Take Herbal Skin Cleanser capsules

    Our internal remedy Herbal Skin Cleanser capsules will work wonders for your skin. The capsules must be taken at the dose speciified below and in conjunction with the Simplicité skin routine listed below.

    In keeping with Simplicité's holistic approach toward the treatment of skin problems, Herbal Skin Cleanser capsules have been designed to benefit the whole person rather than to treat symptoms in isolation. 

    The herbs in this remedy act to minimise the unwanted secondary effects of fluctuating hormonal levels - such as hormonally influenced breakouts. 
    (See Herbal Skin Cleanser capsules ingredient explanation here.)

    The capsule dose is 3 capsules a.m. and 3 capsules p.m. The capsules are ideally taken after a meal. All ingredients are vegan.

    2. Develop an effective acne-fighting skin routine

    For a 100% natural resolution to post-pill acne, use the following acne-fighting Simplicité products as your daily routine. They effectively reduce acne-causing bacteria and keep pores clear. Importantly, the products are gentle, never harsh, and keep skin feeling hydrated and comfortable during the acne clearing process.

    How to Clear Acne Pack  includes:

    All products are formulated by David Lyons, an experienced naturopath, herbalist and skin specialist. David’s all-natural, herbal cosmeceutical formulations will soothe and nurture your skin as sebum production and androgen levels return to normal.

    The essential skin-clearing routine

    To clear post-pill acne it is essential to use these products in conjunction with Herbal Skin Cleanser capsules. This routine is the way back to glowing, healthy skin. There is no need to resort to medication or going back on the pill.

     Acne is not a life sentence. You can clear it naturally and simply.

    Get your How to Clear Acne Pack and your Herbal Skin Cleanser capsules today and begin your journey to acne-free skin.

    Read an unsolicited review of Herbal Skin Cleanser capsules.

    The advice above applies to treating all types of hormonal acne, including cystic acne.

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